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Community effort to maintain and improve Jedi Academy (SP & MP) + Jedi Outcast (SP only) released by Raven Software


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OpenJK is a community effort to maintain and improve the game and engine powering Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast, while maintaining full backwards compatibility with the existing games and mods.
This project does not intend to add major features, rebalance, or otherwise modify core gameplay.

Our aims are to:

  • Improve the stability of the engine by fixing bugs and improving performance.
  • Support more hardware (x86_64, Arm, Apple Silicon) and software platforms (Linux, macOS)
  • Provide a clean base from which new code modifications can be made.

discord forum

build coverity

Supported Games

Game Single Player Multi Player
Jedi Academy ✅ Stable ✅ Stable
Jedi Outcast 😧 Works, needs attention 🙅 Not supported - consider JK2MV

Please direct support queries, discussions and feature requests to the JKHub sub-forum or Discord linked above.


OpenJK is licensed under GPLv2 as free software. You are free to use, modify and redistribute OpenJK following the terms in LICENSE.txt

For players

To install OpenJK, you will first need Jedi Academy installed. If you don't already own the game you can buy it from online stores such as Steam, Amazon or GOG.

Download the latest build (alt link) for your operating system.

Installing and running OpenJK:

  1. Extract the contents of the file into the Jedi Academy GameData/ folder. For Steam users, this will be in <Steam Folder>/steamapps/common/Jedi Academy/GameData/.
  2. Run openjk.x86.exe (Windows), openjk.i386 (Linux 32-bit), openjk.x86_64 (Linux 64-bit) or the OpenJK app bundle (macOS), depending on your operating system.

Linux Instructions

If you do not have an existing JKA installation and need to download the base game:

  1. Download and Install SteamCMD SteamCMD.
  2. Set the download path using steamCMD: force_install_dir /path/to/install/jka/
  3. Using SteamCMD Set the platform to windows to download any windows game on steam. @sSteamCmdForcePlatformType "windows"
  4. Using SteamCMD download the game, app_update 6020.

Extract the contents of the file into the Jedi Academy GameData/ folder. For Steam users, this will be in <Steam Folder>/steamapps/common/Jedi Academy/GameData/.

macOS Instructions

If you have the Mac App Store Version of Jedi Academy, follow these steps to get OpenJK runnning under macOS:

  1. Install Homebrew if you don't have it.
  2. Open the Terminal app, and enter the command brew install sdl2.
  3. Extract the contents of the OpenJK DMG into the game directory /Applications/Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi
  4. Run or OpenJK
  5. Savegames, Config Files and Log Files are stored in /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/OpenJK/

For Developers

Building OpenJK

Contributing to OpenJK

  • Fork the project on GitHub
  • Create a new branch and make your changes
  • Send a pull request to upstream (JACoders/OpenJK)

Using OpenJK as a base for a new mod

  • Fork the project on GitHub
  • Change the GAMEVERSION define in codemp/game/g_local.h from "OpenJK" to your project name
  • If you make a nice change, please consider back-porting to upstream via pull request as described above. This is so everyone benefits without having to reinvent the wheel for every project.

Maintainers (full list: @JACoders)


Significant contributors (full list)