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A small Python 3 editor for learning and competitive programming.

Why expressPython?

I built expressPython to scratch an itch that I had. I wanted a tool that does following for me.

  • Runs easily in windows, portable, doesn't affect system.
  • I wanted a tool to test regexes, small scripts.
  • It should start fast and I don't need to create files to test things
  • Suitable to simulate HackerRank . (Has an input window and output window, works with stdin)
  • I wanted to learn C++/Qt and polish Python knowledge.
  • Compiled to 32bit will work on a 64bit machine. (Windows)
  • Type some text in to input section and process it using quick scripts.
  • Works offline.


  • Bhathiya Perera (JaDogg) - Maintainer and original author
  • Mirza Zulfan (mirzazulfan) - Logo & Icon ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  • Harshit Verma (hv7214) - ANTLR Syntax Highlighting, Terminal, CI


User Guide


This is fairly simple to use.

  • Download a standalone version from the releases.
  • Scan the binary package for viruses if you want โœ”.
  • Windows: Extract it using 7-zip or a similar software and run expressPython.exe.
  • Linux: Install it using .deb package.


  • Tabs are replaced by 4 spaces.
  • Any \t (tab) character is highlighted in red.
  • There are basic auto-complete features. Use: ctrl + space
  • Content in the input can be read using input()
  • You can write to output using print().
  • There is terminal intergrated, one can access it by clicking on the top right button(currently it is available for Ubuntu and MacOs distros).
  • This is not a full IDE and is not planning to be.

Known Limitations

  • Lacks keyboard shortcuts(Coming soon).


Standing on the shoulders of the giants.


  • This project uses Cmake to build.
  • There are two different scripts for windows and Linux/MacOs, which setup the project and followingly generates the binary.
    • build.cmd is for windows systems.
    • is for Linux and MacOs systems.


  • Python 3.8.x (32bit)
  • Qt 5.12.x (GPL Version, MinGW 32bit)
  • ANTLR4(ANother Tool for Language Recognition)

64Bit versions should also work. But it is not tested yet.

Easiest way to compile is to use QtCreator and to build the binary.

Environment Variables

  • PYTHON3_LOCATION - On windows set this to parent of python.exe of a 32bit Python 3.8.x installation.
  • PYTHON3_LIB_LOCATION and PYTHON3_INC_LOCATION should be set to lib and include paths.

Editor API

You can safely ignore this section if you are not interested in customizing/developing.


# ---------------------------
from express_api import get_input, set_input
from express_api import get_output, set_output
from express_api import get_code, set_code
from express_api import write_output, get_apppath
from express_api import set_search_regex, interrupt_requested
# get method's have no parameters and others have one
# get_input   - get input textbox's text
# set_input   - set input textbox's text
# get_output  - get output textbox's text
# set_output  - get output textbox's text
# get_code    - get code textbox's text
# set_code    - set code textbox's text
# write_output- append to output box
# get_apppath - get exe path
# interrupt_requested - returns 1 if we need to stop running

# API Help/Code Sample
# ---------------------------

# get text from input box
# parameters - none
txt = get_input()

# change output box's text
# parameters - string

# append to output box
# does not add a new line
# parameters - string
write_output("Hi You,\n")

# get_apppath() -> get exe path
print("expressPython.exe is at :", get_apppath())

Customising launch script

If you want to customize how your code is executed.

  • Copy to near expressPython binary.
  • Edit as you see fit.


Learning Python

One of the reasons for creating this was to teach python. You can checkout my Python 3 tutorial series at

Getting Started Guide : here