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UltraGem is a match three board game (Bejeweled/CandyCrush clone), with an advanced automated solver
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UltraGem - A Bejeweled/CandyCrush clone

UltraGem screenshot

How to Run UltraGem

You need pygame and a few other libraries installed. Then simply run:

$ python

Progress and TODO

  • Allow varying the number of gems (done)
  • Allow explosions with earned special gems (column/row/9-square/all-of-color for 4-row,4-row,5-corner,5-row) (done)
  • Disable some fields, two nearby explosions free them. (done)
  • Implement a auto-playing bot with different strategies:
    • Select a random valid move (done)
    • Select the move giving immediately the highest score (most gems destroyed) (done)
    • Thinking two moves ahead, select the move destroying most gems (or producing gems needed for goal) (done)
  • Generate and evaluate levels with different painting strategy (done)
    • Randomly choose filling of Nd disabled fields and Nw activation fields. Symmetric in x-axis.
    • Randomly choose number of gems.
    • Randomly choose game goal.
    • Let auto-playing bot play through: (done)
      • If strategy 1 succeeds >5/10 games -> trivial game.
      • If strategy 1 succeeds >1/10 games and strategy 2 succeeds >5/10 games -> easy game.
      • If strategy 2 succeeds >1/10 games and strategy 3 succeeds >1/10 games -> hard game.
      • If strategy 3 succeeds >1/10 games -> very hard game.
      • If strategy 3 succeeds >=1/50 games -> super hard game.
      • If strategy 3 succeeds <1/50 games -> impossible game
      • Drop trivial and impossible games.
  • Define game score: (all done)
    • Reach score X with at most N moves
    • Destroy at least N gems of color X
    • Destroy Ni special gems
    • Bring 4 passive gems (rocks) to the bottom
    • Activate N pre-selected fields (have two explosions there)
  • Define a level specification (done)
    • Level file: initial board size,state,number of colors and required goal
    • Journey: directory of levels, named in sequence
  • Convert auto-generated and scored levels to levels (done)
    • Define goals based on bot performance
  • Load/select journey on startup. Show current level number (done)
  • If goal reached, player can advance to next level (done)

Open source (see LICENSE.rst)

Based on GemGem:

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