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(Obsolete organization; see Mathematical Optimization in Julia

Popular repositories

  1. NLopt.jl Public

    Package to call the NLopt nonlinear-optimization library from the Julia language

    Julia 203 43

  2. juliaopt-notebooks Public archive

    A collection of IJulia notebooks related to optimization

    Jupyter Notebook 84 50

  3. DEPRECATED: Solver-independent functions (i.e. linprog and mixintprog) and low-level interface for Mathematical Programming

    Julia 80 39

  4. Interface between the GLPK.jl wrapper and MathProgBase.jl

    Julia 17 14

  5. CoinOptServices.jl Public archive

    Julia interface to COIN-OR Optimization Services

    Julia 16 4

  6. Intermediate wrapper of MOI for some linear quadratic solvers

    Julia 16 11


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