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The SatelliteToolbox.jl contains a set of packages with functions to perform analysis and build simulations related to satellites. It is used on a daily basis on projects at the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE).

The set of packages are listed bellow. All of them are loaded and reexported in this one.

Package Name Description Build Status Coverage
SatelliteToolboxAtmosphericModels.jl Atmospheric models Build status Build status
SatelliteToolboxBase.jl Base functions and type definitions Build status Coverace
SatelliteToolboxCelestialBodies.jl Celestial bodies Build status Coverage
SatelliteToolboxGeomagneticField.jl Geomagnetic field models Build status Coverage
SatelliteToolboxGravityModels.jl Gravity models Build status Coverage
SatelliteToolboxLegendre.jl Legendre associated functions and its time-derivatives Build status Coverage
SatelliteToolboxPropagators.jl Orbit propagators Build status Coverage
SatelliteToolboxSgp4.jl SGP4/SDP4 orbit propagator Build status Coverage
SatelliteToolboxTle.jl Creating, fetching, and parsing TLEs Build status Coverage
SatelliteToolboxTransformations.jl Transformations (reference frames, time, etc.) Build status Coverage


This package can be installed using:

julia> using Pkg
julia> Pkg.add("SatelliteToolbox")


Please, see each package for the related documentation of the functions.