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ASF development is supported by 3 major things: donations, users feedback, and statistics. Donations directly influence our willings to work on the project, users feedback is always nice to read (especially positive one), while statistics are providing us with the information how our software is used, and by how many people - this way we can know what to improve, what to fix, and what to focus on.

ASF in default settings has Statistics global config property enabled. If you want to see new versions coming up, bugs being fixed, and new features getting implemented, you should consider keeping them on, so we can make use of that data in order to provide you with a better software (but not only). This is especially important because ASF is given to you for free, and this is the least you can do to say thanks - tell us that you're using ASF, as this is what our current statistics are mainly doing.

We keep usage of statistics to bare minimum, and every single information being collected requires practical explanation - what we collect, for what purpose, and how it's supposed to help. All of that can be found below.

Current privacy policy

When Statistics are active, following things will happen:

a) Every account being used in ASF will join our steam group. This is done for three reasons:

  • It provides you with group announcements, especially new versions, critical issues, steam problems and other things that are important to keep community updated (no spam unrelated to ASF guaranteed)
  • It allows you to use our technical support, by asking questions, resolving problems, reporting issues or suggesting improvements
  • It allows us to see how many actual steam accounts are being used by ASF

b) If your account is unrestricted, using ASF 2FA, has public inventory with at least 100 MatchableTypes items in it and includes SteamTradeMatcher in TradingPreferences, then ASF will periodically communicate with our server. Actual data consists of unique ASF ID (generated by ASF), and following account-related information:

  • Your Steam identificator (in 64-bit form, for generating links)
  • Your nickname (for display purposes)
  • Your avatar (hash, for display purposes)
  • Your trading token (so people outside of your friendlist can send you trades)
  • Your MatchableTypes (for display purposes)
  • Value of MatchEverything in your TradingPreferences (for display purposes and sorting)
  • Total number of MatchableTypes Steam items in your inventory (for display purposes and sorting)
  • Total number of unique games that above MatchableTypes Steam items are made of (for display purposes and sorting)

ASF will not collect any other non-listed-above data without prior important notice in the changelog, and a very good practical reason in the first place. We do not consider anything above to be serious enough, as Steam group in no way identifies the account of using ASF program or not, while our public listing is enabled only if you intentionally enable SteamTradeMatcher feature, so when you actually do want people to know about that and send you trade offers in the first place.

Usage of data

All values specified in point b) are being used for our Public ASF STM listing explained below, and only for that.

Public ASF STM listing

Our public ASF STM listing is located here and serves a very simple purpose of allowing all users to quickly match ASF bots for dupes.

Thanks to our listing, every interested ASF and non-ASF user can easily notice bots that are currently active, and send them STM trade offer, which helps both users, also you, to get rid of duplicated cards and head further towards badge completion. We wanted to create something like this for a long time, as everybody appreciates instant response to trade offers that ASF includes, which can drastically improve efficiency of matching, as well as information about bots availability - until now it was very hard to make a public listing like this, and thanks to ASF it's much easier.

How it exactly works

ASF sends initial data once after logging in, that contains all properties public listing makes use of. Then, every 10 minutes ASF sends one, very tiny "heartbeat" request that notifies our server that the bot is still up and running. If for some reason the heartbeat didn't arrive, for example due to networking issues, then ASF will retry sending it each minute, until server registers it.

This allows our website to record which accounts can be used for matching, as well as if they're still active. Thanks to that, our website can show all ASF 2FA+STM accounts that were active in last 15 minutes.

Users are sorted according to their inventories (in descending order) - MatchableTypes unique games count, then MatchableTypes items count, with addition of MatchEverything bots being listed on the top with Any banner.

Please note that you will not be displayed on the website if you do not meet all of the requirements. ASF won't even bother communicating with our server in this case, so point b) is entirely skipped for you if you didn't intentionally enable SteamTradeMatcher in order to help yourself match dupes. Also public listing is compatible only with latest stable version of ASF and might refuse to display outdated bots, especially if they're missing core functionality that can be found only in newer versions.


ASF STM listing only accepts ASF bots for time being. There is no way to list third-party bots on our listing for now (as we can't review their code easily and ensure they meet our entire trading logic).

If you're looking for easy way to access our listing in programmatic way, we have a very simple /Api/Bots endpoint that you can use.


The entire concept, together with website integration and ASF reporting is still in beta - it can be improved/changed over time - also removed if we feel like there is not enough interest for this feature.

Opting out

Participating in statistics is not mandatory, although highly encouraged for future of the program. We do not judge you, and if you have inner urge of hiding the fact that you're ASF user then you can disable statistics entirely by switching Statistics global config property to false. Disabled statistics make entire module non-operative, and will not do any of actions specified in our privacy policy above.

Please note that disabling statistics might influence our technical support and other things that are offered to you (for free), such as ASF functionality and the program itself.

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