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KDevelop, a featureful, plugin-extensible IDE for C/C++ and other programming languages
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AUTHORS Reflect reality a bit better. Alexander, Matt if any of you two feel Sep 16, 2008
CMakeLists.txt Bump versions for what will become 5.5 one day Jul 21, 2019
COPYING Add license file Aug 8, 2018
COPYING.DOC Updates for new licence policy Jan 12, 2008
COPYING.LIB Updates for new licence policy Jan 12, 2008
CTestConfig.cmake adjust nightly start time to reality Oct 22, 2008
CTestCustom.cmake Merge kdevplatform CTest files into toplevel kdevelop ones Aug 9, 2017
Doxyfile Remove traces of KJS and KHTML, we don't use either anymore. Aug 28, 2014 Add files Jul 12, 2011
INSTALL Update INSTALL Dec 16, 2016 Modernize CMake code Dec 16, 2015 Fix minor typos Dec 28, 2018
config-kdevelop.h.cmake app: Use kdevelop_version.h from ECM Oct 9, 2017
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format_sources Drop format.config.uncrustify.2_spaces Nov 16, 2018
kdevelop.kdev4 Lower-case project name Dec 29, 2014
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This repository contains the source code for the KDevelop IDE.

The idea that this repository contains

  • Every plugin related to C/C++ development
  • Every plugin only specific for KDevelop (e.g. the Welcome Page plugin)

User Documentation

User documentation is available from:


KDevelop is built the same way as most KDE projects, using CMake to set up a build directory and build options. For detailed instructions how to compile KDevelop, please refer to the Wiki: .

Optional dependencies

Most of KDevelop's optional dependencies are opportunistic under the assumption that the build should always use all available functionality, as well as the most recent version. CMake has a lesser known feature to control which of such dependencies is used.

For instance, to skip building the Subversion plugin, use -DCMAKE_DISABLE_FIND_PACKAGE_SubversionLibrary=ON. To use QtWebKit instead of QtWebEngine for documentation rendering when both are available, add -DCMAKE_DISABLE_FIND_PACKAGE_Qt5WebEngineWidgets=ON to the CMake arguments.


If you want to contribute to KDevelop, please read through:

Development Infrastructure

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