Syntax highlighting Engine for Structured Text and Code.
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Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting engine for Kate syntax definitions


This is a stand-alone implementation of the Kate syntax highlighting engine. It's meant as a building block for text editors as well as for simple highlighted text rendering (e.g. as HTML), supporting both integration with a custom editor as well as a ready-to-use QSyntaxHighlighter sub-class.

Syntax Definition Files

This library uses Kate syntax definition files for the actual highlighting, the file format is documented here.

More than 250 syntax definition files are included, additional ones are picked up from the file system if present, so you can easily extend this by application-specific syntax definitions for example.

Out of scope

To not turn this into yet another text editor, the following things are considered out of scope:

  • code folding, beyond providing folding range information
  • auto completion
  • spell checking
  • user interface for configuration
  • management of text buffers or documents

If you need any of this, check out KTextEditor.