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Welcome to MathWebSearch Project

The MathWebSearch system (MWS), a content-based search engine for mathematical formulae. It indexes MathML formulae, using a technique derived from automated theorem proving: Substitution Tree Indexing.

Using MathWebSearch

The MathWebSearch System is a web service that indexes formulae in documents. Given a set of MwsHarvests (essentially lists of ​content MathML formulae with their URIs) MathWebSearch builds an index datastructure that can be queried via MWS Query API (content MathML with query variables). There are various front-ends to the MathWebSearch service, for instance:

The MathWebSearch Project

MWS is developed by a a distributed team hosted by ​Jacobs University. The main communication medium of the MathWebSearch project is the ​MWS GitHub Repository and the ​MWS Mailing List. For all remaining questions, please contact ​Michael Kohlhase (Friedrich-Alexander Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg).

Demos and installations

In the future, we intend to develop search appliances for various web sites and libraries with content math.

The software is licensed under the ​GNU General Public License.

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