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solidity contracts to build a party dao
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solidity contracts to build a party dao

The project layout has changed according to (, so the current mix directory with the contract contract code is here:

The old mix directory will be removed soon.

The current testnet deplpoyment can be found here: (Note you need a ethereum browser like mist.)

This instance has the following structure:

  • KUEKEN Party (instance KUKENParty)
    • Gruendungsveranstaltung (instance FoundationConference)
      • Versammlungsleiter 1 (instance OrganFunction)
      • Versammlungsleiter 2 (instance OrganFunction)
    • BUVO/Bundesvorstand (instance Organ)
        1. Vorsitzede (instance OrganFunction)
        1. Vorsitzede (instance OrganFunction)

It also contains a member Registry and a BlogRegistry, each party part has a associated ShortBlog to publish messages.

The structure of the party.

The member registry.

The publishing contracts.

For each party part there is simple blog created which is the official publishing platform, as it is reliable, transparent, safe and uncensorable.

The basic contracts.

Find more documentation at doc

Find out more about the KUEKEN ( it's only german by now.

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