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public partial class NetworkLog {
        public int LogID {get;set;}
        public DateTime LogDate {get;set;}
        public int UserID {get;set;}
        public NetworkLogType Type {get;set;}
        public NetworkLogStatus Status {get;set;}
        public AuthLevel AuthLevel {get;set;}
        public string Description {get;set;}

Public Properties

  • LogID - Integer: The log identifier.
  • LogDate - DateTime: The timestamp for the log entry.
  • UserID - Integer: The UserID of the person responsible for the entry. A value of zero indicates an internally generated entry.
  • Type - Enum NetworkLogType: Indicates whether the entry is system or user generated.
  • Status - Enum NetworkLogStatus: The action that generated this log entry.
  • AuthLevel - Enum AuthLevel: Minimum authorization level to view this entry.
  • Description - String: A freeform value describing the log entry.

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