Value Added Networks

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Traditionally, EDI has been transported over Value Added Networks (VANs). To accommodate trading partners on different VANs, interconnects were created to route traffic between the different networks.

First generation VANs built private mailbox networks, provided basic value added services and delivered numerous system integration services. The big players were the usual big IT companies such as IBM and GEIS.

With the advent of the Internet, second generation (2G) VANs emerged that routed data over the internet, and began providing a greater variety of web-based services and less traditional system integration. In order to be competitive, these 2G VANs required the same interconnects as the traditional VANs had.

ECGrid was born out of this need, allowing 2G VANs to rapidly build their differentiating value added services, while outsourcing their interconnect needs.

ECGridOS brings ECGrid to full third generation (3G) level, allowing it to operate as a fully programmable, interconnect routing infrastructure switch between 1G and 2G VANs.


Once Interconnects were created between 1G VANs, it quickly became evident that there was a need to track interchanges that went over the Interconnects. The ANSI ASC X12 standards body developed a protocol known as the X12.56 Mailbag Protocol.

Mailbagging created a structure and mechanism by which VANs can track delivery and communicate structural problems with interchanges automatically over the Interconnects.

ECGrid is 100% X12.56 compatible and implements this protocol with any Network which will comply with the standard.

ECGrid has also developed a powerful extension of this protocol which allows X12.56 information to pass through from one ECGrid Network connection to another. Please contact ECGrid NetOps if you are interested in implementing this feature.

ECGrid Connected Networks

As of the publication of this document, ECGrid provides full interconnect capability to the following 1G and 2G Value Added Networks.

Those listed in plain text maintain traditional 1G interconnects with ECGrid. Those listed in italics are maintaining 2G or 3G connectivity with ECGrid. Those in bold are using the X12.56 Mailbag Protocol.

NetworkID Name
201 Advanced Communications Systems
250 BCE Emergis (Bell Canada)
243 Commport Communications
430 CovalentWorks Corporation
106 Department of VA - Financial Services
257 Descartes (GLN)
228 Easylink (AT&T)
253 EC/EDI, Inc. (Promethean Software)
231 EDS
302 Energy Services Group
246 Fountainhead Communications
212 GXS - Global eXchange Services
215 GXS (IBM Advantis)
255 I-Connect
214 Inovis (Peregrine/Harbinger)
239 Internet Commerce Corporation
305 Internet Operations Center/Netlink
247 InterTrade Systems Corp.
233 Kleinschmidt
235 Nubridges (MCI/Worldcom)
224 Softshare
602 Sole Technology, Inc.
401 SPS Commerce - CERTLD
409 SPS Commerce - SPSCLD2
403 SPS Commerce - SPSLDCAT
406 SPS Commerce - SPSLDHRTH
402 SPS Commerce - SPSLDHUB
411 SPS Commerce - SPSLDNGI
_301 SPS Commerce - SPSLDSAC_
407 SPS Commerce - SPSLDVAN
405 SPS Commerce - SPSLDVND
237 Sterling Commerce
225 Technology Management Programs
251 Transentric
440 Trubiquity (Trinary Systems)
258 True Commerce, Inc.
104 U.S. DoD DAASC Hub (DTDN)
101 U.S. Federal GEX Ogden
241 Vantree Systems Inc.
490 Winrep Software
249 York Worldwide - Foundation

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