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@neoancient neoancient released this Aug 21, 2019 · 157 commits to master since this release

  • Issue #1315: add support for map annotations and description to .board files.
  • PR #1323: implement "#sitrep" client command which can be used to display,
    in the console, a list of units near the entity with the given ID.
  • PR #1329: Princess will now fire at multiple targets with units that have no secondary target penalty.
    This should be most noticeable with dropships and other large spacecraft.
  • PR #1358: Princess properly operates really slow aircraft on ground maps and can actually drop thunder bombs now.
  • PR #1354: Support for detailed large craft parts (K-F boom, grav deck, CIC, etc)
  • PR #1401: Improved bot behavior using field gun infantry.
  • PR #1404: Princess can now use rapid-fire autocannons; will respect "no AMS as weapon" setting
  • PR #1405: Introduced Princess capability for indirect fire at spotted units
  • PR #1409: Dropship artillery bays now fully functional
    Dropships can optionally load/fire alternate artillery munitions
    Copperhead ammo functions as homing rounds
  • Issue #1351: When a homing round lands, the firing player will now get asked which tagged unit gets clobbered.
  • PR #1406: Princess can now spot units for indirect fire
  • PR #1413: Performance and functionality improvements for space sensors
  • PR #1419: Bearings-Only Missile Tweaks
  • PR #1430: Improvements to bot handling of aerospace units, especially on low-atmospheric maps.
  • PR #1440: Added ignore for YML files when loading units
  • PR #1436: Greater variety of primitive and civilian units for AtB and template scenarios
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@neoancient neoancient released this Aug 20, 2019 · 5 commits to stable since this release

  • Data New Sprites.
  • MekHQ Issue #1256 - Several XTRO mechs labeled 'Unofficial'
  • Issue #1439 - mechset.txt typo
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@neoancient neoancient released this Aug 12, 2019 · 7 commits to stable since this release

  • Issue #1429: Bug Unable to move on map edges Intermittent
  • PR #1426: Splash screen displays properly on very high width-to-height resolution ratios.
  • Simple Tech Level wrong for Proto AC's and VSP Lasers.
  • Issue #1388: Successful TAG designation cause the unit to suffer the penalty of spot for LRM indirect fire on the same turn
  • Data: New Sprites
  • Data: New Boards from new Beginner Box set (thanks ask)
  • Data: New units from TP:Tokasha, OTP:Fronc Reaches and Vega 3039
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@neoancient neoancient released this Jul 23, 2019 · 14 commits to stable since this release

  • PR #1331: Infantry with "forest ranger" SPA is no longer able to move through woods for free.
  • Issue #1356: Partial Wing won't work on Ultralight Battlemech.
  • PR #1359, 1364, 1365: Multiple fixes preventing bot freezes in "edge" cases
  • Issue #1353: Battle Armor Heavy Flamer only raise 2 heat per hit
  • Issue #1297: LRM5 smoke rounds says 'heavy smoke' on the report.
  • Issue #1090: VGL Unable to Fire - Out of Arc
  • Issue #1375: Heat damage not correctly applied to all unit types
  • PR #1385: Lack of deployment zone for entity no longer causes deployment turn to be ignored when loading MUL.
  • PR #1389: Adding units mid game (via rat/mul) to an observer player is no longer possible as it causes the game to lock up
  • MegaMekLab Issue #314: Fixed availability ratings for inner sphere LMG and ammo
  • Issue #1249: Industrial TSM now applies 2x damage to appropriate melee attacks
  • Issue #1352: Changing Planetary Conditions prior to starting a new game causes a -40C without input
  • Issue #1400: Fleeing while carrying a non-existent mechwarrior no longer causes a soft-lock
  • Data: Corsair fighter once again shows proper sprite
  • Issue #1407: Attacks on transported battle armor no longer cause soft lock
  • PR #1412: Switch to XStream's ID_REFERENCES mode for save games, shrinking their size considerably.
  • PR #1414: Fix for edge case in BV calculations when two different weapons have almost identical BVs
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@neoancient neoancient released this Mar 24, 2019 · 617 commits to master since this release

  • PR #1250: Disallow loading trailers during deployment
  • Data: New Sprites and Unit fixes.
  • PR #1258: Aero Sanity 2.0! Fixes a number of reporting bugs and adds full support for Advanced Point Defense,
    Glancing/Direct blows, S2S nuclear weapons and Bearings-Only Capital Missiles
  • Issue #1272: Clan BA SRM missing Multi-Purpose Missiles
  • Data: New Sprites and New Units.
  • Issue #1256: Magna Laser Rifle has range 0 instead of 2
  • Data: Fixing broken Protomeks in some RATs
  • PR #1278: Fix a soft-lock that would occur when using double-blind and the previous round's target would leave a unit's LOS
  • Issue #587 PR #1273: Fixes for Post-Battle Handling of Capital Fighters.
  • PR #1280: Add proper labels for host dialog controls (Accessibility Support)
  • PR #1283: Rocket Launcher 1 through 5 turrets now have valid weapons
  • PR #1264: [Feature] Wind direction can now be set in the lobby
  • Issue #1095: [Errata] TAG now spots for indirect fire as well.
  • PR #1304: Don't overflow the primary monitor with MM splash screen.
  • Issue #1259: Extended Torso Twist Quirk not applying to Quads
  • Data: New Sprites
  • Data: Adding Fan Council TROs 3048/3062/3063 by popular request.
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@neoancient neoancient released this Feb 12, 2019 · 812 commits to master since this release

  • PR #1196: Explicitly set military/civilian flag for space stations; Prevent sensor contacts from displaying unit info on space maps.
  • PR #1197: Fix "ASEW"-related soft lock at end phase when warships or space stations are on the board.
  • PR #1173: Trailers [Partial implementation; trailers can be connected on the field but not in the lounge yet.]
  • PR #1205: Enable Princess to use the "flip arms" functionality for mechs that have it (e.g. Jenner, Rifleman).
  • Data: Removing two unsupported infantry giving loading errors. Unit names pointed to replacements.
  • Issue #1183: Armor not correct on some Warships
  • Data: Resolving Issues #1207,1206,1199,1198
  • PR #1208: Enable Princess to fire artillery and use TAG.
  • PR #1214: Prevent players from being able to control their out-of-control spacecraft when the default flight path would take the spacecraft off board.
  • Data: New Sprites
  • PR #1212: Adds new Edge options for Aerospace units
  • Issue #1218: Fixed protomech-related game-stopping server crash
  • Data: Adding the Saxarba HQ Tileset.
  • Issue #1194: C3i function should apply to boosted cyber comm and enhanced multi model sensor (not standard multimodal sensor) implants per IO
  • PR #1227: Enable Princess to unjam weapons, turrets and rapid-fire autocannons (RACs, etc).
  • Data: New Sprites
  • Data: Fixes to Saxarba HQ Tileset.
  • Issue #1176: Artillery attacks now display flight time with the rest of the firing data when picking a target.
  • Issue #1238: Players can once again place minefields.
  • Issue MML#233: Medium Re-engineered Laser cost
  • Data: New Sprites
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@neoancient neoancient released this Nov 18, 2018 · 1105 commits to master since this release

  • Switched build system from ant to gradle.
  • Issue #1122: Piloting/gunnery skills generated from the wrong tables [Force Generator]
  • PR #1132: Zweihander
  • Issue #1149: Force Generator switching from Mechs to Protomechs for Clans that deploy them
  • Data: Various fixes to unit names as a result of the Large Craft changes.
  • Data: New Sprites
  • PR #1152: Refactor of methods for getting pilot SPAs
  • Issue #1127: Fix for units not applying camo in certain circumstances
  • PR #1164: System wide equipment [Support for aerospace equipment in a generic, non-firing arc location]
  • Issue #1172: Game Non-Responsive
  • Data: New Sprites
  • PR #1170: Bullet-proofing various edge cases for space maps; weather related info no longer displayed in space
  • Issue #1177: Rocket Launcher bug after configuring unit
  • PR #1185: Protomech validation, updates to protomech unit files from errata and addition of Wars of Reaving units.
  • PR #1186: Protomech equipment (implentation of melee weapon, quad melee system, fusillade, and magnetic clamps)
  • PR #1184: Bot handling for aerospace units on low-atmospheric maps and on space maps using non-advanced flight rules
  • PR #1193: TRO style summary
  • Data: New Sprites
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@HammerGS HammerGS released this Sep 4, 2018 · 1438 commits to master since this release

  • PR #1096: Security - address XXE vulnerabilities in XML parsers
  • PR #1053: Gradient & Difference Clouds Camos
  • Issue #1081: Narc Explosive ammo type no longer missing the letter "E" in reports
  • Issue #378: [Feature] Implements Tac Ops "Use AMS as Weapon" rule
  • Issue #1051: AMS no longer nags player when a shutdown mech is attacked
  • Data: New Sprites and data fixes.
  • PR #1084: [Feature] Allow bot to have separate destination edges (similar to "immediate withdrawal")
    and retreat edges (for when the bot is trying to "forced withdraw" crippled units)
  • Data: Moving old and out of date file.
  • PR #1092: Fixes for force generator (some unit rating mismatches, skill calculations, a few faction rule fixes)
  • PR #1100: Changed a long-standing bot behavior where a bot with "immediate withdrawal"
    on would ignore "forced withdrawal" rules and keep firing with its crippled units.
  • Data: New Sprites and some unit fixes.
  • PR #1118: Expose MULParser.parse(Element) for MekHQ perf improvements.
  • Issue #612: [Feature] Year setting in various random unit generation mechanisms now gets set to the game year whenever that changes.
  • PR #1068: Advanced Aerospace construction data and unit fixes.
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@HammerGS HammerGS released this Aug 4, 2018 · 1640 commits to master since this release

  • PR #1010: New snow theme light woods images for Bloodwolf tilesets & removal of volcano theme woods.
  • Issue #1008: When adding units through Add A Combat Unit dialog adds two instead of one when using enter key
  • PR #989: Errata - Range Master SPA no longer applicable to LOS range
  • PR #1001: [Feature] Prototype improvements to infantry pathfinding allowing Princess to make significantly better use of infantry than previously.
  • PR #1013: Defer calculating initial BV when adding multiple entities to game.
    Fixes bug that disconnects C3 networks when loading from MUL of any unit loaded before the C3 master.
  • Issue #1027: Off-board Infantry Field Artillery "Target Out of Arc"
  • Issue #1028: Infantry TAG has 0 range
  • PR #1025: [Feature] Princess can now fly spacecraft using the advanced flight rules.
  • PR #997: [Feature] Spacecraft can now fire tele-operated missiles.
  • Fixed fusion engine weight calculation for conventional fighter validation.
  • Issue #1048: Field Gunners unable to target Air Units
  • Issue #1046: Narc Ammo Type Missing From Reports
  • Issue #1039: NPE FiringDisplay.clear
  • PR #1054: Adding the small pilot custom trait [Pilot option that ignores effects of cramped cockpit quirk]
  • Issue #1038: BA leg attack doesn't report hit
  • Issue #1023: MM doesn't inform user if previous solo attack was made (like leg attack)
  • Bug: ammo selection in lounge is filtered using variable tech level even when option is not enabled.
  • Issue #1017: Advanced munitions available at standard tech level
  • PR #970: [Feature] Implementation of StartOps Advanced Space Sensors
  • Issue #1060: Allow Princess to properly consider paths that take her aircraft (VTOL and ASF) over low-CF fixed structures
  • Issue #1056: Rotary AC Ammo Does Not Populate Munitions Carried Lists
  • PR #1041: Force Generator
    Available as tab in Random Army Dialog; generates faction- and era-appropriate forces up to a regiment
    (larger for some factions) with optional support combat and transport forces. Some or all of the
    force can be added to the forces in the lounge or exported to a MUL.
    See documentation: docs/RAT Stuff/force-generator.txt
  • PR #1070: Makes the advanced search dialog smaller by default and resizable.
  • PR #1071 - Mech Sprites
  • Data - New Sprites
  • Issue #1073: Princess will no longer be able to move out-of-control aeros on ground and atmospheric maps
  • PR #1064: Fixes targeting and landing issues with glider protomechs
Assets 6

@HammerGS HammerGS released this Jun 24, 2018 · 2030 commits to master since this release

  • Data: Dropship infantry bay fixes.
  • PR #995: Fix for server freeze when destroying a unit which has picked up a phantom (no longer existing) mechwarrior.
  • Data: New Sprites
  • Issue #1000: Ignore AP-mounted weapons when calculating BA suit weight
  • PR #1003: Fix validation failures from configuring ammo.
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