Atari 800XL/65XE/130XE for MiSTer
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Atari 800/800XL/65XE/130XE and Atari 5200 for MiSTer Board

This is the port of Atari 800XL core by Mark Watson


  • Core requires secondary SD card on I/O board v5.x. (or solder SD connector by yourself).
  • Copy the *.rbf file to the root of the system SD card.
  • Format the secondary SD card with FAT16 and extract to root.

Usage notes

System ROM

There are ROMs for both 800 and 800XL models. By default 800XL(atarixl.rom) is loaded. Remove it or rename if you wish to use 800(atariosb.rom) ROM by default.

800XL ROM supplied in 2 versions:

  • ATARIXL.ROM - includes SIO turbo patch (fast disk loading). Loaded by default.
  • ATARIXLn.ROM - original 800XL ROM.

You can use menu to choose required ROM, or rename ATARIXLn.ROM to ATARIXL.ROM if you don't want to use turbo loading.

Turbo ROM has hot keys to control the turbo mode:

  • SHIFT+CONTROL+N Disable highspeed SIO (normal speed)
  • SHIFT+CONTROL+H Enable highspeed SIO

Additionally, you can control the speed of turbo loading in OSD menu.

Differences from original version

  • Joystick/Paddle mode switched by joystick. Press Paddle1/2 to switch to paddle mode (analog X/Y). Press Fire to switch to joystick mode (digital X/Y).
  • Use ` key as a Brake on reduced keyboards.
  • Cursor keys are mapped to Atari cursor keys.
  • PAL/NTSC mode switch in settings menu
  • Video aspect ratio switch in settings menu
  • Some optimizations and tweaks in file selector and settings menu navigation.
  • Combined cartridge/disk quick selector (F11).
  • Extended menu for disk/cartridge loading (WIN+F11).
  • WIN+Enter/Fire in quick selector loads Drive 2.
  • WIN+Enter/Fire in normal work swaps Drive 1 <-> Drive 2.
  • Mouse emulates analog joystick(Atari 5200) and paddles(Atari 800).

More info

See more info in original instructions and original manual.

Download precompiled binaries

Go to releases folder.