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MongoEngine flask extension with WTF model forms support
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Info:MongoEngine for Flask web applications.


Flask-MongoEngine is a Flask extension that provides integration with MongoEngine. It handles connection management for your app. You can also use WTForms as model forms for your models.


You can find the documentation at


You can install this package using pypi: pip install flask-mongoengine


To run the test suite, ensure you are running a local copy of Flask-MongoEngine and run: python nosetests.

To run the test suite on every supported versions of Python, PyPy and MongoEngine you can use tox. Ensure tox and each supported Python, PyPy versions are installed in your environment:

# Install tox
$ pip install tox
# Run the test suites
$ tox

To run a single or selected test suits, use the nosetest convention. E.g.

$ python nosetests --tests tests/


We welcome contributions! see the Contribution guidelines


Flask-MongoEngine is distributed under MIT license, see LICENSE for more details.

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