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Open-sourcing our mechanical, electrical and industrial designs

Note that this repository is a work-in-progress and will get better over time.

Our open hardware principles

  • Copy our designs – build your own Mycroft Mark 1 or its individual parts
  • Modify our designs – remix is encouraged
  • Sell products based on our designs – commercial use is permitted
  • Always keep the open license – contribute your output back to the community
  • Credit the original author(s) – like they do in science


We're open-sourcing all our designs under the CERN Open Hardware License, which is one of the open hardware licenses recommended by OSHWA, the Open Source Hardware Association. The release involves every single piece of our design except components we have no control over, like the Raspberry Pi. We've also joined the Open Source Hardware Certification Program.

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If you are doing, or planning to do, something interesting with our designs, or if you just have a question regarding the files, get in touch with our Chief of Design Derick! (He was the one who designed Mycroft Mark 1’s enclosure.)

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Derick Schweppe
Mycroft AI’s Chief of Design


Open-sourcing our mechanical, electrical and industrial designs



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