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For more details, including model library changes, see the version history in the NetLogo User Manual.

For help running models made in old versions, see the Transition Guide.

NetLogo 6.0.4

June 2018

See release notes included with NetLogo

NetLogo 6.0.3

March 2018

See release notes included with NetLogo

See Github issues closed for this release

NetLogo 6.0.2

August 2017

See release notes included with NetLogo

See Github issues closed for this release

NetLogo 6.0.1

March 2017

See release notes included with NetLogo

See Github issues closed for this release

NetLogo 6.0

December 20, 2016

See release notes included with NetLogo

NetLogo 5.3.1

February 29, 2016 - milestone

  • Add Link to StackOverflow Q & A. Close #887 (#925)
  • bug: right mouse button confuses mouse-down? primitive (#205)
  • bug: pen-down in certain conditions makes netlogo unresponsive (#361)
  • bug: ClassCastException when using turtle-only primitive inside reporter task (#902)
  • bug: Button remains pressed after ctrl-click in Mac (#905)
  • bug: NullPointer Exception (occurs only in BehaviorSpace, not in single runs) (#934)
  • bug, doc, quickfix: Bug or doc bug in mean primitive? (#637)
  • bug, doc, quickfix: my-links documentation is wrong (#639)
  • bug, extensions: No such method error in 5.3 for an old model (#910)
  • bug, quickfix: link-neighbor? wrong for directed, breeded links (#739)
  • doc: Update NetLogo documentation for OS version compatibility (#938)
  • duplicate: heading through a corner with pendown (#926)

NetLogo 5.3

December 14, 2015 - milestone

  • bug: Linux: shell script to run app handles relative paths incorrectly (#44)
  • bug: OutOfMemoryError (PermGen) when compiling huge model with multiple includes (#220)
  • bug: resolve status of Mathematica link (unbundle it?) (#358)
  • bug: Mac OS X: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in apple.awt.CWindow.displayChanged (#541)
  • bug: Broken on OS X Yosemite? (#659)
  • bug: International windows installation bug (#680)
  • bug: Calling NetLogo Dictionary from "Help" causes Internal Error (#758)
  • bug: uncaught .ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (#810)
  • bug, windows: error in opening user manual (#840)
  • doc: support for running NetLogo in a 64-bit JVM on 64-bit Windows (#423)
  • doc: incorrect Mac/Java compatibility claim in User Manual (#843)
  • enhancement: bundle Java 8 for Windows users (#193)
  • enhancement: require (and bundle) Oracle Java for Mac OS X users (#197)
  • enhancement: NetLogo shouldn't rely on current working directory to find its own files (#415)

NetLogo 5.2

April 3, 2015 - milestone

  • bug: user-one-of with empty list of choices raises IndexOutOfBoundsException (#731)
  • bug: No scroll bar for left pane when first opening Model Library dialog (#750)
  • bug: Hyperlinks are not clickable in the left pane of Model Library dialog (#751)
  • bug, doc: extract-hsb document should be updated (#708)
  • enhancement: Allow programmatic closing of agent monitors (#354)
  • enhancement: extract-hsb should work on RGB lists (#643)
  • enhancement: Add support for a behaviorspace-experiment-name primitive (#657)
  • enhancement: hsb primitive strangely expects each argument to be between 0 and 255 (#678)
  • enhancement: Add way to dispose of GUIWorkspace (#684)
  • enhancement: Add hooks for a hypothetical extension with some sort of custom logging (#699)
  • enhancement: __includes with empty argument should enable Includes button (#717)
  • enhancement: Add netlogo-web? primitive (#721)
  • enhancement: Bundled (CSV Extension)
  • enhancement: bundled (New GoGo HID Extension)
  • enhancement: Unbundled (Old GoGo Extension)

NetLogo 5.1

July 25, 2014 - milestone

  • Add variable watchers (#590)
  • bug: in-cone is broken in 3D when turtle's pitch isn't 0 (#9)
  • bug: NetLogo 3D on Mac OS X 10.6/7: menu items grayed out, unusable with mouse (#47)
  • bug: Only the direction indicator is duplicated when duplicating link shape in link shape editor (#517)
  • bug: Issue 517 (Only the direction indicator is duplicated when duplicating link shape in link shape editor) (#522)
  • doc: regression: Scaladoc contains broken source links (#569)
  • enhancement: modify Mac app bundle to support retina display on new MacBook Pro (#175)
  • enhancement: Add recent files submenu (#532)
  • enhancement: Include new version of Matrix extension (#547)
  • enhancement: deprecate applet on 5.0.x (#552)
  • enhancement: Bundle new Network Extension (#606)
  • enhancement: Make globals inspector more visible (#613)

NetLogo 5.0.5

December 20, 2013 - milestone

  • enhancement: GUI: each tab should zoom independently, instead of all zooming together (#311)
  • enhancement: HubNet View Mirroring Should Be Enabled by Default (#314)
  • enhancement: when extension not found, offer to take user to extension downloads page (#328)
  • enhancement: java.lang.ClassCastException on create-links-with n-of 1 neighbors (#338)
  • enhancement: Publish breed agent set changes for use by the NW extension (#399)
  • bug: "Upload Model to Modeling Commons" Window Is Strangely Resizable (#304)
  • bug: Modeling Commons Login Window Persists When Cancelled After Logout (#305)
  • bug: myself fails with exception if there is no asking agent (e.g. in agent monitor or command center) (#323)
  • bug: performance bug: sentence is much slower than it could be when one input is very short (#407)
  • bug: incorrect error position handling for literal lists (#417)
  • bug: 5.0.5-RC1 not loading window size properly (#485)
  • bug: Link Shape editors shows 3 full lines when editing default shape (#516)
  • bug: Left and right lines reversed in the link shape editor (#518)
  • models: models library changes for 5.0.5 (#316)
  • models: Missing images for "Bug Hunters Camouflage" under "BEAGLE Evolution\HubNet Activities" (#308)
  • models: Particles wrongly collide with dark particles in Connected Chemistry Atmosphere (#432)
  • doc: Modeling Commons doc missing from PDF version of User Manual (#291)
  • doc: agentset primitives documentation not in alphabetical order (#333)
  • doc: Documentation Suggests Code That Causes Error on Windows (#339)
  • doc: confusion in User Manual about what globals clear-all clears (#360)

NetLogo 5.0.4

March 19, 2013 - milestone

  • bug: Mountain Lion thinks the NetLogo .dmg is “damaged” (#189)
  • bug: Code tab name for include file doesn't appear in Tabs menu (#240)
  • bug: equality operator incorrectly handles agents and agentsets in some cases (#242)
  • bug: 5.0.2 regression: task creation slow when combined with let inside ask (#255)
  • bug: 5.0 regression: missing @throws annotations for methods called from Java (#264)
  • bug: export-world Fails to Catch IO-Related Exception (#267)
  • bug: regression in controlling API: HeadlessWorkspace.clearLastLogoException doesn't do anything (#271)
  • bug: NetLogo Breaks When Failing to Load Model from URL (#295)
  • docs: broken code example in NetLogo Dictionary for nobody (#303)
  • enhancement: Windows: upgrade Install4J to 5.1.x (#234)
  • enhancement: allow uploading to the Modeling Commons (#272)
  • enhancement: GoGo extension: improved stability, servomotor support (#294)
  • models: Add Membrane Formation (#289)
  • models: Add Voronoi - Emergent (#289)
  • models: Promote/Overhaul models: Artificial Neural Net, Chemical Equilibrium, Dice, Grain Growth, Hotelling's Law, and Sandpile (#289)
  • models: Touch up various models (#289)

NetLogo 5.0.3

October 25, 2012 - milestone

  • bug: applet doesn't work on Java 7 on Lion and Mountain Lion (#199)
  • bug: can't load widgets containing long strings (#200)
  • bug: taking the mean of an empty list should give a better error message (#201)
  • bug: 5.0.2 regression: failure involving foreach plus ask plus recursion (#215)
  • bug: Locale Errors when opening Headless Model by means of Controlling API (locale=ES) (#218)
  • bug: mouse-inside? sometimes gives spurious false reading (#226)
  • bug: Problem with disabled buttons when using export-world/import-world (#229)
  • doc: unbundle API documentation (Scaladoc) (#194)
  • doc: user-message.html missing from docs/dict (#221)
  • doc: Typo in documentation of max-pzcor min-pzcor (#224)
  • enhancement: Windows: upgrade Install4J to 5.0.11 (#60)
  • enhancement: controlling API: ExtensionManager should allow access to loaded extensions (#209)
  • models: Oil Cartel: re-enable narrowcast plotting & fix client plot (#204)
  • models: new BEAGLE Evolution models: DNA Protein Synthesis (#230)
  • models: new Connected Chemistry model: Reversible Reaction (#231)
  • models: Unverified models reviewed and updated to Sample Models: Flocking Vee Formations, GasLab Circular Particles, Language Change, Perceptron (#232)

NetLogo 5.0.2

July 27, 2012 - milestone

  • upgrade to Scala 2.9.2 (#123)
  • tasks: combination of tasks, let, and agent change fails (#125)
  • applet: model interface disappears when zoom level is less than 100% (#129)
  • revised revised wolf (and sheep) shapes (#131)
  • file-* primitives in applets mishandle Unicode characters (#132)
  • upgrade bundled Java for Windows users to 1.6.0_33 (#134)
  • autosave files generated by NetLogo 3D end with .nlogo (#135)
  • F1 primitive lookup is case sensitive (#138)
  • 5.0.1 regression: F1 doesn't work when cursor is after token (#139)
  • extensions API: FileManager lacks method that returns the current api.File (#147)
  • clear-all-plots doesn't work with HubNet plot mirroring (#150)
  • F1 doesn't work on sort-on (#151)
  • HubNet client can erroneously fail to process widget update (#152)
  • links-own missing from keywords (#155)
  • headless BehaviorSpace is silently swallowing exceptions (#158)
  • don't bundle sample and sample-scala extensions in releases (#159)
  • plot exporting fails if a plot has no current pen (#160)
  • add Command-Shift-S shortcut for File -> Save As (#164)
  • network:node-path is missing from network extension readme (#167)
  • sort-on primitive bypasses with-local-randomness (#169)
  • fix error reporting in sort-by now that Collections.sort is pickier in OpenJDK 7 (#172)
  • bug: compiler doesn't know that in-cone is turtle-only (#177)
  • 5.0 regression: starting NetLogo with --open <model> stopped working (#185)
  • new BEAGLE Evolution models: DNA Replication Fork, Fish Spotters (#186)
  • new Connected Chemistry models: Gas Combustion, Rusting Reaction, Solid Combustion (#187)

NetLogo 5.0.1

April 12, 2012 - milestone

  • attempting to use ?0 crashes compiler (#16)
  • model with empty tick counter label can't be loaded (#46)
  • BehaviorSpace: floating point imprecision can cause last step to be skipped (#62)
  • add "wolf" shape to default shapes (#82)
  • Osmotic Pressure needs bugfix (#84)
  • 5.0 regression: stop sometimes later interferes with later execution (#86)
  • code editor: F1 does wrong lookup when tokens are adjacent (#88)
  • BadLocationException when using undo and redo in code editor (#89)
  • 5.0 regression: BehaviorSpace: some normal failures cause bug dialog (#90)
  • headless.Main argument parsing is fragile, throws exceptions (#91)
  • agent monitor: NullPointerException in WindowDragger.inCloseBox (#93)
  • bad translation key onlyObserverCanAskAllPatches (#94)
  • applets don't work without NetLogoLite.jar.pack.gz (#95)
  • 5.0 regression on Windows: code font changed (#96)
  • stamped links have incorrect appearance (#98)
  • extensions don't always unload cleanly when you open a new model (#100)
  • make build work on Windows (with Cygwin) (#102)
  • Windows installer doesn't install NetLogoLite.jar.pack.gz (#103)
  • i18n: topology diagram in world settings fails to live-update (#106)
  • i18n: spurious warnings when running headless (#107)
  • support better JavaScript <=> Applet communication (#110)
  • random-seed primitive discards high 32 bits of seed (#111)
  • applets link to dead "Get Java" URL (and refer to "Sun") (#112)
  • run of task with stop causes Java exception (NonLocalExit$) (#113)
  • BehaviorSpace: parallel + runtime errors in metrics result in incorrect output (#114)
  • 5.0 regression: applets can't find extension jars (#117)
  • Windows-generated applet HTML includes backslashes in extension paths (#118)
  • tasks: agent-type checker handles task bodies incorrectly (#124)
  • NullPointerException in SmartIndenter (#126)
  • new models: Hotelling's Law, Bird Breeders, Bug Hunters Competition, Critter Designers, Fish Tank Genetic Drift (#127)
  • Bug Hunt Coevolution bugfix (#130)
  • fixes to info tabs of Giant Component and Preferential Attachment models

NetLogo 5.0.0

February 16, 2012 - milestone

  • new models: Robby the Robot, Osmotic Pressure (#80)
  • improved GoGo extension documentation and examples (#81)

NetLogo 5.0RC10

February 9, 2012 - milestone

  • GoGo extension now easier to install on Windows (#67)
  • GoGo extension documentation and model updates (#74)
  • don't bundle extension source code anymore (#76)
  • HubNet: avoid 5.0-only "queue full" error when server falls behind servicing clients (#70)
  • HubNet: fixed handling of labels in view overrides (#77, #78)
  • fix 5.0-only regression in video extension where QTJava.jar was accidentally bundled (#75)

NetLogo 5.0RC9

February 2, 2012 - milestone

  • fixed 5.0 regression where 3D view didn't work on Linux (#69)
  • fixed GoGo extension to work on Mac without special installation steps (#68)
  • fixed GoGo extension to work on Linux (#71)

NetLogo 5.0RC8

January 31, 2012 - milestone

  • new model: Plant Speciation (#66)
  • fixed regressions in models: NIELS Parallel Circuit, Urban Suite - Tijuana Bordertowns (#65)
  • API documentation now includes links to source code (#64)

NetLogo 5.0RC7

January 17, 2012 — milestone

  • to reduce memory usage, no longer set stack size VM-wide, but only for NetLogo code threads; reduced default stack size to 8 megabytes (was 16 in 5.0RC6); custom stack size now obtainable using e.g. -Dorg.nlogo.stackSize=2 instead of -Xss2m (#55)
  • fixed regression where temporary plot pens didn't appear in plot legends (#56)
  • fixed regression where recompiling a model that uses temporary plot pens caused an error (#54)
  • fixed Windows-only bug where there was no delete button for plot pens (#59)
  • fixed plot edit dialog to respond properly to resizing (#61)
  • tweaks: #53, #57, #58

NetLogo 5.0RC6

January 9, 2012 — milestone

  • fixed bug where NetLogo failed to load models containing plot code beginning with a space (#48)
  • new curricular model: Connected Chemistry Atmosphere (#49)

NetLogo 5.0RC5

January 2, 2012 — milestone

  • new models: Sandpile, Bug Hunt Predators and Invasive Species (#34)
  • add Chinese localization contributed by Yu Yanfei (#37)
  • fixed broken Russian localization (#31)
  • fixed bug where some SDM models behaved incorrectly run headless (#35)
  • fixed 5.0-only regression: GoGo extension didn't work on 64 bit Macs (#32)
  • fixed 5.0-only regression: GIS extension wasn't working in applets (#33)
  • fixed 5.0-only regression: stop inside foreach didn't work properly in some cases (#38)
  • fixed 5.0-only regression: 3D turtle trails were rendered incorrectly (#41)
  • bundle Java 6 Update 30 for Windows users (#42)

NetLogo 5.0RC4

November 5, 2011 — milestone

  • reporters may now be entered in the Command Center; the show command is supplied for you (#14)
  • the Spanish and Russian localizations now appear by default if your operating system is set to that language (#1)
  • fixed regression where models weren't double-clickable on Windows (#3)
  • fixed GIS extension bug (#8)
  • fixed 5.0-only regression in file reading in applets (#30)
  • upgraded Pegdown library powering info tab (#7)

NetLogo 5.0RC3

October 26, 2011

  • NetLogo is now open source software:
  • source code is online at
  • NetLogo license is the GPL (GNU General Public License), version 2 or later
  • User Manual license is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)
  • code examples and most extension are in the public domain (CC0)
  • new models license: Sample Models and Curricular Models license is now Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)
  • new sample model: Preferential Attachment 3D
  • new curricular models: Bug Hunt Consumers, epiDEM Basic, epiDEM Travel and Control Measures
  • added preliminary Russian localization
  • bundle Java 6 Update 29 for Windows users

NetLogo 5.0RC2

October 5, 2011

  • app now always adds .nlogo (or .nlogo3d) extension when saving
  • some models with input boxes wouldn't reload after save
  • run was evaluating string input twice

NetLogo 5.0RC1

September 22, 2011

  • improvements:
  • extensions API now supports tasks
  • experimental network extension replaces experimental network prims for distance calculations on networks
  • new fixes:
  • increased NetLogo's default stack size to permit deeper recursion
  • exporting a world that includes tasks now warns you they won't be re-importable
  • combinations of one-of and with now exit early, as soon as an example is found
  • fixed target frame rate issue where a low target rate slowed the whole UI down
  • fixed intermittent issue where errors in the Code tab could cause an error when switching to the Interface tab
  • improved speed of tasks somewhat
  • fixed regressions:
  • applets weren't working
  • the app didn't work on older Mac OS X versions
  • report inside foreach didn't work right
  • Interact mode in the 3D view wasn't working
  • HubNet.jar was excessively large
  • some HubNet control center messages were incorrect
  • sliders weren't zooming properly
  • button action keys wouldn't stay enabled
  • typing brackets in code caused noticeable pauses
  • the world wrapping checkboxes in NetLogo 3D weren't disabled
  • 3D rendering was slower

NetLogo 5.0beta4

August 1, 2011

  • new HubNet prims: hubnet-clients-list, hubnet-kick-client, hubnet-kick-all-clients
  • API docs are included again
  • misc. fixes to Unicode support
  • fixed longstanding bug where 3D objects became brighter the smaller they got
  • misc. HubNet fixes

NetLogo 5.0beta3

May 27, 2011

  • features:
  • alpha/transparency is now supported in the 3D view and in NetLogo 3D (if you use RGBA colors)
  • some compiler and runtime error messages are now internationalized
  • tweaks:
  • enabled Pack200 support in the applet for faster loading
  • fixes:
  • fixed logging regression in 4.1.3 where changes to the Code tab weren't logged
  • fixed 5.0-only regression where the '<' character would disappear from info tabs
  • fixed 5.0-only regression where the tick counter wasn't visible in new models
  • fixed 5.0-only regression where the Shift Left and Shift Right menu items did the opposite
  • fixed 5.0-only matrix extension regression where matrix:regress wasn't working

NetLogo 5.0beta2

April 21, 2011

  • features:
  • importing worlds is a lot faster now
  • Programming Guide now has preliminary documentation on tasks
  • tweaks:
  • renamed Run tab back to Interface
  • plotting code inside plots is now wrapped in with-local-randomness
  • frame rates may now be floating point, and non-positive values are rejected
  • enabled GitHub-flavored blank line handling in Info tab
  • fixes:
  • fixed regression where autoconversion wasn't happening properly for 3D models
  • fixed bug where placement of crosshairs in Settings dialog was incorrect
  • fixed bug where multiple plot pens couldn't be without names
  • fixed bug "Open in Transition Guide" button opened wrong version
  • fixed regression where NetLogo wouldn't open on Java 5 (e.g. on Mac OS X 10.4)
  • fixed regression where HubNet clients couldn't use the mouse in the view
  • fixed intermittent plotting bug
  • fixed plot-related error when running BehaviorSpace experiment
  • fixed problem with UTF-8 characters in the applet

NetLogo 5.0beta1

March 18, 2011

  • features:
  • Info tabs can now include images and rich formatting, using the "Markdown" markup language
  • Unicode is supported throughout the application
  • GUI is internationalized (but not localized yet except for U.S. English and a preliminary Spanish localization))
  • plotting code can now be removed from the Code tab and put inside each plot instead
  • the default speed of models is now authorable (via a target frame rate setting)
  • buttons can now optionally disable until the tick counter starts (e.g., to disable "go" until "setup" is pressed)
  • language changes:
  • you must now use reset-ticks to start the tick counter before using tick or tick-advance; in existing models, clear-all is autoconverted to __clear-all-and-reset-ticks; the reset-ticks part should be moved to the end of your setup procedure
  • plotting code in plots is normally triggered by reset-ticks and tick, but may also be triggered by new primitives setup-plots and update-plots
  • "tasks" let you store code to be run later
  • also known as first-class functions, closures, and lambdas
  • two new types: command tasks and reporter tasks
  • new primitives: task, is-command-task?, is-reporter-task?
  • these existing primitives now accept tasks: run, runresult, foreach, map, reduce, filter, n-values, sort-by
  • improved overall list performance. lput, last, butlast, item, replace-item now take near-constant time instead of linear time. internally lists are now hash tries instead of singly linked lists
  • new primitive sort-on lets you say e.g. sort-on [size] turtles
  • new primitive error lets you cause a runtime error
  • random-normal now rejects negative standard deviations
  • HubNet:
  • activities can now be run headless
  • hubnet-set-client-interface is no longer required
  • theoretical support for multiple simultaneous client types (undocumented)
  • removed obsolete hubnet-broadcast-view primitive
  • other fixes and changes:
  • tabs renamed to Run/Info/Code (formerly Interface/Information/Procedures); this change is experimental and may not survive till the final release; w are interested in your feedback on this renaming.
  • NetLogo 3D now uses a .nlogo3d file extension instead of .nlogo
  • the startup procedure no longer runs automatically when running headless, or in background BehaviorSpace runs
  • BehaviorSpace now uses an official Scala release (2.8.1) rather than a nightly build
  • on Mac OS X, the app now runs in 64 bit mode by default (on 64 bit machines)
  • upgraded installer for Windows users that we hope will fix some installation issues

NetLogo 4.1.3

April 3, 2011

  • improvements:
  • #687: the GIS extension now works in applets
  • new Code Example: Label Position Example
  • #1133: search field in Models Library dialog now has a magnifying glass icon to indicate its functionality
  • #1114: controlling API now allows a new model to be opened in an existing InterfaceComponent
  • #1180: controlling API now supports attaching listeners to receive notifications of user actions
  • for Windows users, bundle Java 6 Update 24
  • fixes:
  • #1146: fixed bug in diffuse primitive causing failure in vertical cylinder worlds
  • #1185, #1203: fixed bugs where aborting BehaviorSpace experiments could cause an error or a memory leak
  • #1233: fixed bug where a turtle forever button could fail if multiple buttons were pressed quickly
  • #1133: fixed bug in scale-color where rounding could cause an out-of-range color to be reported
  • #1138: fixed matrix extension bug where matrix creation primitives didn't sanity check their inputs
  • #1165: fixed GoGo extension bug where failed initialization of GoGo led to subsequent errors
  • #1255: fixed intermittent plotting bug

NetLogo 4.1.2

December 6, 2010

  • for Windows users, bundle Java 6 Update 22
  • changed public models: Connected Chemistry 3 Circular Particles
  • extensions API: deprecated runCommand and runReporter methods
  • fixed #109: pow primitive can give NaN
  • fixed #865:
  • logging: changes to the tick counter are now logged (exactly as if "ticks" was a global variable)
  • controlling API: added possibleViewUpdate() and tickCounterChanged() methods to NetLogoListener
  • fixed #967: compile errors in BehaviorSpace experiment setups result in Java exception dialogs
  • fixed #1031: bugs where extension manager got confused about what extensions are loaded
  • fixed #1048: HubNet client message rate limiting (to conserve bandwidth)
  • fixed #1049: 4.1.1 regression (since 4.1): Tokenizer returns out of bounds position for extension type tokens, causing colorizer to bomb
  • fixed #1051: Windows installer should add NetLogo 3D to Start menu
  • fixed #1052 and #1053: F1 fails on set-line-thickness, butfirst, butlast
  • fixed #1055: NullPointerException on model open (after opening Frogger)
  • fixed #1056: bitmap extension: import fails in applets
  • fixed #1057: shell extension's default working directory should be the model directory
  • fixed #1060: we aren't distributing extensions/gis/LICENSE.txt
  • fixed #1079: in Command Center, on a Mac, typing option-U causes an exception
  • fixed #1081: agentset building primitives give incorrect error messages for invalid input
  • fixed #1083: logging of global variables didn't work under Java Web Start
  • fixed #1097: in NetLogo 3D, the stamp command didn't work for links
  • fixed #1100: typing {{ in command center (etc.) causes tokenizer exception
  • fixed #1102: matrix extension issue where matrix:dimensions was incorrectly typed

NetLogo 4.1.1

August 4, 2010

  • system:
  • on Windows, bundle Java 6 Update 21 (instead of Update 17) (#1036)
  • features:
  • added new behaviorspace-run-number primitive (#968)
  • added new matrix extension for matrix manipulation
  • models:
  • new biology model: Flocking Vee Formations (#830)
  • changed models: Dining Philosophers (bugfix), Sandpile 3D (bugfix) (#991), Shepherds (bugfix), Connected Chemistry 8 Gas Particle Sandbox (bugfix)
  • fixes:
  • fixed bug where in worlds with certain unusual combinations of settings, passing specific unusual inputs (involving patch boundaries) to primitives including patch-at and patch-at-heading-and-distance could cause a Java exception (#1038)
  • fixed bug causing some models with plots to intermittently produce spurious error messages (#567)
  • fixed (we think) intermittent bug where editing code in the procedures tab or command center could cause spurious ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException errors (#847)
  • fixed bug in 2D view where partially transparent turtles were sometimes rendered incorrectly in some sizes (#956)
  • fixed bug where saved applets that used extensions didn't load additional jars used by the extension (#957)
  • fixed bug where closing a browser window containing applet could cause a spurious error dialog to appear (#960)
  • fixed bug where the link primitive could fail when given a non-existent turtle number (#971)
  • fixed bug where the mini views in agent inspectors could have incorrect appearance with very small patch grids (#982)
  • fixed bug where the context menu on the view in applets contained some non-working items (#993)
  • fixed embedding API bug where two models could not be embedded in the same window (#996)
  • fixed bug where movie primitives didn't fail gracefully when used in parallel BehaviorSpace runs (#1002)
  • fixed bug where changing a plot pen's mode on the fly didn't refresh the plot (#1004)
  • fixed bug causing models using links not to work in the NetLogo Logging application (#1015)
  • fixed bug where new-seed primitive could theoretically return duplicate seeds in a parallel BehaviorSpace experiment (#1018)
  • fixed sound extension bug where the wrong instrument sometimes played (#1027)
  • fixed bug where using follow could cause turtle labels not to be drawn (#1034)
  • fixed bug where the remove primitive didn't fail gracefully if given incorrect input (#997)
  • fixed HubNet bug where the drawing layer wasn't always mirrored to clients (#1037)
  • fixed GIS extension bug where clipping of coordinates to user's GIS envelope was causing errors saving link datasets (no bug number)
  • fixed bitmap extension so it works in applets (#962)
  • on Mac OS X, always force use of the Quartz renderer not the Sun renderer (no bug number)
  • other:
  • add Donate item to Help menu (#999)

Older versions

See the condensed version history in the NetLogo User Manual.

You can also search the NetLogo Users Group for old release announcements.

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