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Container Security Verification Standard
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Important Note: We're currently in the process of moving this project over here and there are still some references to Redguard (the company which initially published the CSVS). We'll fully "OWASP-ize" the project very soon.

Container Security Verification Standard

Welcome to the Container Security Verification Standard (CSVS) version 1.0. The CSVS is a community-effort to establish a framework of security requirements and controls that focus on normalizing the functional and non-functional security controls required when designing, developing and testing container-based solutions with a focus on Docker.



We're always looking for people who are willing to review and extend the CSVS. If you feel like you could be one of them, please either just create a pull request with your changes or send us your input in whatever form is most convenient for you to


  1. The document looks similar to the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard. How is it related? We love the work done by OWASP and indeed the overall structure and e.g. the scripts to export the CSVS to other formats is comming from the ASVS.
  2. If it's somewhat related to the OWASP ASVS project why not make the CSVS an OWASP project too? That's exactly what we plan to do. Once we've gathered some feedback and have a first version we're looking forward to donate the CSVS in full to OWASP.
  3. Topic XYZ is missing. Why? Either it didn't cross our minds yet or we thought it is already covered in one of the requirements in the CSVS. Anyway, please let us know (either open an issue or drop us a message at or even better fork the CSVS and send us a pull request with your changes.
  4. There are already other documents that cover container security like the CIS Docker Benchmark or NIST Application Container Security Guide. Why do we need the CSVS? Existing documents often contain more than 100 pages or are using a lot of running text. We think there should be a clear standard that allows you to go through and actually verify your level of security related to container solutions.
  5. Is there any referencing from the CSVS to other standards and vice-versa? Unfortunately not yet, but we made sure to cover at least the CIS Docker Benchmark and NIST Application Container Security Guide.
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