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Data Model

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Data models allows to create data models that you want (ex : Employee, workcenter, ...)

Properties of the model:

Name Name of data model
Code Used in procedures for configuring acqisition method
Type of data source Static: data is read one time for client and stored in memory for current session
Dynamic: data is read each time it is used
Localisation of data source DAS Server Internal: given by DAS server data queue DAS Server External: given by another data queue Workstation internal: (TOVERIFY) datas read locally
Source data model Any string with only [a-zA-Z] characters to define data queue for "DAS Server External"
Any local path for "Workstation internal"
Validation method Integer
Numbers and characters [a-z0-9] Lower and upper characters and numbers [a-zA-Z0-9]
Function name to call source (TOVERIFY) to transform datas locally read from a file into memory datas
Specialized datas or specialized and global datas (TOVERIFY)"Datas for workstation" / "Datas for workstation and datas for all workstations"
Used to read datas on data queue
Maximum length for keyboards Used to automatically limit data read on keyboard for data use
Acquisition methods Data acquisition methods:
"display keyboard"
"display screen"
"material" : barcode reader with type, balance, ... associated to material ID or not
Maximum quantity Used in a loop count to determine maximum number of datas that can be acquired if not -1
Minimum quantity Used in a loop count to determine minimum number of datas that can be acquired if not -1
Parent Can be used to determine a parent data model that can be used to filter datas
Child Data models that define current data model as parent
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