A GitMachine with all sorts of commonly used developer tools
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Frankenmachine All-in-One Monster GitMachine

A dev GitMachine on it's way to be pre-configured with all sorts of common server apps for web development.

What's a GitMachine?

GitMachines are pre-configured, accreditation-ready virtual machines in support of open government, open data, and civic innovation.

GitMachines are open source and community maintained.

A "dev" GitMachine is a pre-configured virtual machine that is not yet accreditation-ready. It will run just fine even though the government compliance work is incomplete.

A "gov-ready" GitMachine is a pre-configure and accreditation-ready virtual machine. That means the OS and as much as the stack as possible is configured to follow federal government guidelines.

What's This GitMachine do?

This dev GitMachine will have a freakish combination of database and web tools so you can quickly explore almost any application.


  1. A computer onto which you can install software. (Tested on Mac).
  2. Download & Install VirtualBox
  3. Download & Install Vagrant


You will need to do the following in your terminal using the command line.

  1. Clone out opendatadevops/frankenmachine project git clone git@github.com:OpenDataDevOps/frankenmachine.git
  2. Go into frankenmachine directory and vagrant up the virtual machine cd frankemachine && vagrant up
  3. Be patient while vagrant configures your GitMachine. This can take a loooooong time.
  4. Get into your GitMachine via ssh vagrant ssh


  1. vagrant up from the directory with this repository starts your vm and adds the correct configuration.

What's Installed

  • Git
  • Nodejs
  • npm

Other Commands

  • vagrant halt stops the minus guest vm.
  • vagrant reload re-runs the configuration (and applies changes in the vagrant manifest) to the minus guest vm without re-establishing the base box.
  • vagrant destroy blows away the minus guest vm and let's you start all over again. Just. Like. That!