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SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
Copyright (c) 2013-2019 Linaro Limited
Copyright (c) 2019-2023 OpenFastPath Foundation

OpenDataPlane (ODP) project web page:

ODP project in GitHub:

Main git repository:

How to build:
    See DEPENDENCIES file about system requirements and dependencies to external
    libraries/packages. It contains also some more detailed build instructions.

    Generally, ODP and test applications are built with these three steps:

    See help on configure options:
        ./configure --help

    ODP header files and libraries can be installed with:
        make install

    ODP API documentation can be built with (requires Doxygen):
        make doxygen-doc

    Validation tests (requires CUnit) and other test applications can be
    executed with:
        make check

    Users guides can be generated with:
        ./configure --enable-user-guides

    The default license for ODP project is BSD-3-Clause (see LICENSE file).
    SPDX short-form identifiers ( are used in project
    source files to identify the used license. The SPDX license list can be
    found from

Mailing list:

    Please read CONTRIBUTING file before submitting patches. ODP project follows
    Linux kernel coding style.

Bug tracking: