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This an open source Android launcher project, started from scratch. We aim to create a powerful and community driven launcher for Android. Please go to the OpenLauncher Wiki

for more information.


Currently supported

Paged desktop || Dock || Double tap to sleep || Dock || Scrollable background || Drag and drop || Paged app drawer || Vertical app drawer || Hide apps || Search bar || Icon packs || Widget || Gesture || AIO Search Bar || Gesture support

ToDo List

Desktop clock customization || More actions for the minibar (later to support expandable minibar) || Support landscape orientation || Code refactoring || Add more options in the settings || Better support for gestures || Item customization on the desktop || Scrollable dock


If your instance is crashing frequently please make sure you update to the latest version (from Github or F-Droid, not the Play store) and reset the app data before creating an issue. We made a lot of changes that broke compatibility in the older versions.

Currently there are a lot of issues and we are all working on this app in our spare time so please be patient if your issue is not immediately resolved. We are going to review the structure of the launcher since I wrote this app a long time ago so we might break functionality at times. Thanks for your support.


The project is always open for contributions and accepts pull requests. You may use Android Studios auto reformat feature before sending a PR.

Translations can be contributed on GitHub. You can use Stringlate (Translate - with Stringlate) to translate the project directly on your Android phone. It allows you to export as E-Mail attachement and to post on GitHub.


Project team

bennykok | dkanada | gsantner

We would be happy if you want to be part of this game.

Special thanks

First I need to thanks everyone, from the start to now, sorry if I couldn't list all of your names here.

  • dkanada
  • gsantner
  • Chris
  • MF
  • ...

You can support us and buy us some coffee.


The app is licensed Apache 2.0.