OMA LWM2M Enabler

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LightWeightM2M (LWM2M) Enabler is based on an efficient, secure IETF standards: CoAP and DTLS with UPD and SMS bindings.

OMA LWM2M Enabler exchanges messages between Client and Server:

LWM2M Client

  • Client exposes application configuration to the Server via Objects.

LWM2M Server

  • The Server performs remote operations on the Client Objects.

  • OMA LightweightM2M Whitepaper

LWM2M Object & Resources The data structure is provided by Objects & Resources. Pieces of information (Resources) are logically organized into Objects.

Objects are data structures that contain Client information. These Objects are created by OMA and registered in OMNA. OMA has created a tool to design these Objects, OMA LwM2M Object & Resources Editor.

This page contains a reference to the latest OMA LWM2M Specifications.

  • OMA LWM2M v1.0 Specifications:

    • Requirements – Use Cases RD doc.
    • Architecture - Systems and Components AD doc.
    • Technical Specifications - Protocol Details TS doc.
    • Supporting Documents (Objects)
      • Object 0 – LWM2M Security
      • Object 1 – LWM2M Server
      • Object 2 – LWM2M Access Control
      • Object 3 – LWM2M Device
      • Object 4 – LWM2M Connectivity Monitoring
      • Object 5 – LWM2M Firmware
      • Object 6 – LWM2M Location
      • Object 7 – LWM2M Connectivity Statistics
  • To download all the documents in a zip pack please click in the Enabler Package ERP doc.