FALCON: experimental PacBio diploid assembler
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Falcon: a set of tools for fast aligning long reads for consensus and assembly

The Falcon tool kit is a set of simple code collection which I use for studying efficient assembly algorithm for haploid and diploid genomes. It has some back-end code implemented in C for speed and some simple front-end written in Python for convenience.


The default branch is now "master" which contained the latest code.

The current latest intergrated release is v0.3.0. Check v0.3+ Integration Installation Guide for installation.

For the pre-Jun 2015 v0.2.2 version, please check v0.2.2 release github repository. We will no longer address issues that are specific to that branch unless they also impact the current master branch.


Standard PacBio "Open Source License".

July 9th, 2015