A programmable and highly maneuverable robotic cat for STEM education and AI-enhanced services.
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News: Our crowdfunding campaign is live on www.igg.me/at/nybble !

This is the repository for OpenCat project.

The goal is to collaborate talents for this cute quadruped robot. It's still a complex system only for skilled makers, yet we want to share it with the public by mass production and bringing down the cost.

There's a long way to go from a personal artwork to a mass produced product. Not only technical challanges, but also collaboration, maintenance and finacing are obstacles right in the way. By open-sourcing it, we will also face competetion from both large companies and copycats.

In the Projects tab, there are two topics regarding current project development. Your thoughts and contribution will help to define the future of this cat, improve user experience and eventually benefit the public.

In the Wiki tab, there's a slow documenting process going on.

We just acquired our official domain: www.petoi.com.

New annoucements will be posted on Twitter: @PetoiCamp.