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This extension complements Burp's active scanner by using a novel approach capable of finding and confirming both known and unknown classes of server-side injection vulnerabilities. Evolved from classic manual techniques, this approach reaps many of the benefits of manual testing including casual WAF evasion, a tiny network footprint, and flexibility in the face of input filtering.

For more information, please refer to the whitepaper at

The code can be found at Contributions and feature requests are welcome.


1.02 20180606

  • Add MD5/SHA-1 lax comparison to magic value attacks
  • Misc bugfixes

1.01 20180509

  • Add 'COM1' Windows reserved filename to magic value attacks
  • Support custom magic value attacks
  • Don't attempt filepath related attacks in the request path

1.0 20180214

  • Provide a configuration dialog

0.91 20170612

  • Detect alternative code paths triggered by keywords like 'null', 'undefined' etc

0.9 20170520

  • Detect JSON Injection and escalate into RCE where possible
  • Detect Server-Side HTTP Parameter Pollution
  • Support bruteforcing backend parameter names
  • Improve evidence clarity and reduce false positives
  • Find vulnerabilities with subtler evidence
  • Detect escape sequence injection
  • Improve LFI detection
  • Misc tweaks, bugfixes and efficiency improvements

0.86 20161004

  • First public release


This extension requires Burp Suite Pro 1.7.10 or later. To install it, simply use the BApps tab in Burp.

If you want to manually build/install it from source, you'll need to add the following JAR to your libraries: