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PowerDNS API based

Project Language Health
PowerDNS-Admin Python/JS Last Commit 2018-06-13
Opera DNS UI PHP/JS Last Commit 2018-06-07
nsedit PHP/JS Last Commit 2018-06-05
powerdns-auth-proxy Python (Flask) Last Commit 2018-04-11
atomiadns JS Last Commit 2018-02-06
powerdns-shell-wrapper Shell/Curl/JQ Last Commit 2016-11-15
pdnscontrol Python/JS Last Commit 2016-03-30
yapdnsui express.js Last Commit 2016-02-12
Powerest React.js Last Commit 2015-05-31
Powr AngularJS Last Commit 2015-02-15

Direct SQL Database Access based

Project Language Health
DjangoPowerDNS Django/JS Last Commit 2018-05-22
NicTool Perl Last Commit 2018-04-26
JPower Admin Java Last Release 2018-01-25
Poweradmin PHP Last Commit 2017-12-31
PDNS Manager PHP Last Commit 2017-09-24
dnsshop PHP/JS Last Commit 2017-06-30
django-powerdns-manager Django Last Commit 2016-03-18
PowerDNS on Rails Ruby on Rails Last Commit 2015-09-30
pdns-gui PHP Last Commit 2014-12-18
freshdns PHP, AJAX Last Commit 2014-06-13
pdnsui Ramaze Last Commit 2014-01-10
ZoneAdmin PHP Last Release 2013-10-07
GNUPanel PHP Last Release 2013-07-20
Powerdns Tango Perl Last Commit 2013-06-03
powerdns-webinterface PHP Last Commit 2013-05-14
DNS Master PHP, jQuery Last Release 2012-10-09
GOsa² PHP Last Release 2012-05-09
PDNSOps PHP Last Commit 2012-02-12
phpDNSAdmin PHP Last Release 2011-03-14
MoxieDNS PHP Last Commit in 2009
djdns Django Last Commit in 2009
pdns-tools Python Last Commit in 2009
pdnsfront PHP Last Commit in 2008
pdns-ror-admin Ruby on Rails Last Commit 2007-06-01
TUPA PHP, AJAX Last Release 2006-03-16
PowerDNS Administration PHP Last Release 2005-03-24

Third party

Please also see the list of third party integrations.

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