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pydocstyle - docstring style checker

Deprecation Notice: Pydocstyle


The Pydocstyle project is officially deprecated, and it is no longer actively maintained.

Ruff: A Modern Alternative

  • GitHub Repository: ruff

Ruff offers full parity with pydocstyle along with advanced features, better support for the latest Python versions, and ongoing development to ensure a top-notch linting experience. We highly recommend pydocstyle users to switch over to ruff for a seamless transition.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the pydocstyle community, maintainers, and contributors for their support and dedication over the years. Your contributions have been invaluable, and we appreciate the time and effort you've invested in making pydocstyle a valuable tool for the Python community.

Thank you for your support of pydocstyle in the past.


Documentation Status





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pydocstyle is a static analysis tool for checking compliance with Python docstring conventions.

pydocstyle supports most of PEP 257 out of the box, but it should not be considered a reference implementation.

pydocstyle supports Python 3.6+.

Quick Start


pip install pydocstyle


$ pydocstyle in private nested class `meta`:
        D101: Docstring missing in public function `get_user`:
    D300: Use """triple double quotes""" (found '''-quotes)
test:75 in public function `init_database`:
    D201: No blank lines allowed before function docstring (found 1)


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