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Currently the get and find members only take std::string :

SEXP find( const std::string& name) const ;
SEXP get(const std::string& name) const ;

What they do with the string is that they first make a symbol, with install and then they call the relevant C/R API function, i.e. Rf_findVarInFrame or Rf_findVar.

But sometimes, we already have a symbol and perhaps don't want to pay for the double cost of:

  • converting that symbol to a std::string
  • let get or find reconvert it to a symbol

The alternative being calling C/R API directly.

So can we have:

SEXP find( Symbol name) const ;
SEXP get( Symbol name) const ;

This is straightforward, and I'll probably submit a PR anyway, but since I don't have time right now, I'm just logging the need and intent here.

@coatless coatless referenced this issue Jul 22, 2016

Documentation Update / Issue Tracker Cleaning #506

33 of 43 tasks complete

Addition of the Symbol option has been addressed in PR #513

And via GitHub magic, this issue has been closed.

Though... I still need to do (Tagging #506)

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