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SRP-6a PHP Implementation Build Status

The SRP protocol has a number of desirable properties: it allows a user to authenticate themselves to a server, it is resistant to dictionary attacks mounted by an eavesdropper, and it does not require a trusted third party. It effectively conveys a zero-knowledge password proof from the user to the server. In revision 6 of the protocol only one password can be guessed per connection attempt. One of the interesting properties of the protocol is that even if one or two of the cryptographic primitives it uses are attacked, it is still secure. The SRP protocol has been revised several times, and is currently at revision 6a. Wikipedia



  • bower
  • composer
  • PHP >= 5.6

composer install && bower install

SRP Protocol Design

Protocol Design


To give people example of using SRP in their applications.

Usage Notes

This codebase provides JavaScript and PHP library code which perform an SRP proof-of-password. The JavaScript library code is in the folder public/assets/js/app and the PHP library code is in src/.

The codebase includes a demonstration application which uses jQuery AJAX and RedBean to register users into a SQLite database then authenticates them. SQLite attempts to write into the public/ directory of the website but the path can be edited in src/Bootstrap.php. RedBean and SQLite are used for demonstration purposes only and are not needed to use the core SRP library code.

If the authentication is successful then a PHP session variable SRP_AUTHENTICATED is set to true. This indicates that the session variables SRP_USER_ID and SRP_SESSION_KEY have been authenticated. The session key variable matches the JavaScript session key sessionKey() and as a strong shared secret key unique to the current authenticated session which could be used for further crypography.