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RustSec Advisory Database

Build Status Maintained as of July 2018 Gitter Chat

The RustSec Advisory Database is a repository of security advisories filed against Rust crates published via

Advisory metadata is stored in TOML format (see below). The following tools consume the data and can be used for auditing and reporing (send PRs to add yours):

  • cargo-audit: Audit Cargo.lock files for crates with security vulnerabilities

Reporting Vulnerabilities

To report a new vulnerability, open a pull request using the template below. See for more information.

Report Vulnerability

Advisory Format

Each advisory contains information in TOML format:

# Identifier for the advisory (mandatory). Will be assigned a "RUSTSEC-YYYY-NNNN"
# identifier e.g. RUSTSEC-2018-0001. Please use "RUSTSEC-0000-0000" in PRs.
id = "RUSTSEC-0000-0000"

# Name of the affected crate (mandatory)
package = "mycrate"

# Disclosure date of the advisory as an RFC 3339 date (mandatory)
date = "2017-02-25"

# Single-line description of a vulnerability (mandatory)
title = "Flaw in X allows Y"

# Enter a short-form description of the vulnerability here (mandatory)
description = """
Affected versions of this crate did not properly X.

This allows an attacker to Y.
The flaw was corrected by Z.

# Versions which include fixes for this vulnerability (mandatory)
patched_versions = [">= 1.2.0"]

# Versions which were never vulnerable (optional)
#unaffected_versions = ["< 1.1.0"]

# URL to a long-form description of this issue, e.g. a GitHub issue/PR,
# a change log entry, or a blogpost announcing the release (optional)
url = ""

# Keywords which describe this vulnerability, similar to Cargo (optional)
keywords = ["ssl", "mitm"]

# Vulnerability aliases, e.g. CVE IDs (optional but recommended)
# Request a CVE for your RustSec vulns:
#aliases = ["CVE-2018-XXXX"]

# References to related vulnerabilities (optional)
# e.g. CVE for a C library wrapped by a -sys crate)
#references = ["CVE-2018-YYYY", "CVE-2018-ZZZZ"]

# CPU architectures impacted by this vulnerability (optional)
# For a list of CPU architecture strings, see the "platforms" crate:
# <>
#affected_arch = ["x86", "x86_64"]

# Operating systems impacted by this vulnerability (optional)
# For a list of OS strings, see the "platforms" crate:
# <>
#affected_os = ["windows"]


All content in this repository is placed in the public domain.

Public Domain