My vimrc configuration. BTW i'm Rails web developer.
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Installation and Requisites:

git clone git:// ~/sammylin-vim

Execute the to get latest version modules:

cd ~/sammylin-vim

Make a symbolic link .vim to sammylin-vim that you just cloned, or just rename it to .vim also be fine:

cd ~
ln -s sammylin-vim .vim

Link the vimrc to

ln -s .vim/vimrc .vimrc


Defaut Colorscheme(kolor)







What plugins are included?

  • pathogen.vim: Manages the runtime path of the plugins
  • NERD Tree: A tree explorer plugin for vim
  • vim-airline: The ultimate vim statusline utility
  • vim-fugitive: a Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal
  • snipMate.vim: snipMate.vim aims to be a concise vim script that implements some of TextMate's snippets features in Vim
  • tlib_vim: Some utility functions for VIM
  • vim-addon-mw-utils: interpret a file by function and cache file automatically
  • vim-snippets: vim-snipmate default snippets (Previsouly snipmate-snippets)
  • supertab: Perform all your vim insert mode completions with Tab
  • ctrlp.vim: Fuzzy file, buffer, mru and tag finder. In my config it's mapped to <Ctrl+F>, because <Ctrl+P> is used by YankRing
  • vim-rails: Ruby on Rails power tools
  • mru.vim: Plugin to manage Most Recently Used (MRU) files
  • tComment: An extensible & universal comment plugin that also handles embedded filetypes
  • vim-indent-object: Vim plugin that defines a new text object representing lines of code at the same indent level. Useful for python/vim scripts, etc.
  • vim-gitgutter: A Vim plugin which shows a git diff in the gutter (sign column).
  • ZenCoding: zen-coding for vim:
  • vim-smartinput: Vim plugin: Provide smart input assistant
  • vim-ruby: Vim/Ruby Configuration Files
  • extended % matching for HTML, LaTeX, and many other languages

What modes are included?

Key Mapping

Open/Close NERDTree

map <Leader>n <plug>NERDTreeTabsToggle<CR>

Open directory of current opened file

map <Leader>r :NERDTreeFind<CR>

Display the MRU file list

map <Leader>f :MRU<CR>

Display CtrlPBuffer

map <Leader>b :CtrlPBuffer<CR>

My Frequently Command

Open/Close NERDTree


Open CtrlP

Control + p

Open Tagbar


Display the MRU file list


Display CtrlP CtrlPBuffer


previous buffer

Control + h

next buffer

Control + l

To suspend your running vim

Control + z

# will suspend the process and get back to your shell

$ fg

Toggle comment

Control + _

Finding a word

<!-- /<word> -->



# Pressing the n key, will allow you to go directly to the next occurrence of the word. 

Ack (Finding a word in directory)



# :call RunCurrentSpecFile

# :call RunNearestSpec

# :call RunLastSpec

# :call RunAllSpecs 

Reference document

Reference vimrc