NIF Standard (NIFSTD) Ontologies
Latest commit 49996c8 Feb 17, 2017 @tgbugs tgbugs NIF-Subcellular removed bad reference to NIFGA:birnlex_878 (Cytoskele…
…tal system) which was corrected to NIFSUB:birnlex_878 and then deprecated, the NIFSUB form remains


Repository for the development of NIF Standard (NIFSTD) Ontologies.


NIFSTD is undergoing significant changes. Please see the issue tracker for upcoming changes. For a full record of changes please see the log or run git log for a quick overview.

There is older xml version of the ontology in the xml-final branch but it is no longer being updated or maintained.


Please see the GitHub wiki for documentation about the structure of the ontology and how to load and edit it.


Please fork and submit pull requests on GitHub. See the wiki for full documentation. In short, load ttl/nif.ttl in your favourite ontology editor, and before commit run ttlfmt on any files that you have modified.