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If you want to get involved, please drop by our mailing list or our IRC channel, #sciruby at Please note that SciRuby and NMatrix require Ruby 1.9.2 or higher. Individual components may work with Ruby 1.8, but we may not be able to help you if you have trouble.

We're applying as a mentoring organization in GSoC 2019! Please take a look at the Google Summer of Code 2019 Ideas page if you want to participate.

If you want to know more about why we're developing SciRuby, read the The SciRuby Manifesto. You can also take a look at who are our main contributors in the members page.

  • Installation - Instructions for Linux and OS X, with fixes for the most common errors.


SciRuby is an umbrella for various other projects. Most of the work is done in the underlying libraries:

Number Crunching

Linear Algebra


Data Analysis and Manipulation

Miscellaneous Numerical Algorithms

Plotting, Visualization, and UI

GPGPU computing


Other projects that we should keep an eye on

We have two lists of projects that we should keep an eye on, because they can be ported to Ruby or they already implement some scientific functionality.

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