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Welcome to the Security Onion Installation Guide!

To install Security Onion, you're going to either install our Security Onion ISO image or install a standard Ubuntu 16.04 ISO image and then add our Security Onion PPA and packages. Please keep in mind that our PPA and packages are only compatible with Ubuntu 16.04.

ALWAYS verify the checksum of ANY downloaded ISO image

Regardless of whether you're downloading our Security Onion ISO image or whether you're starting with an Ubuntu 16.04 ISO image, you should ALWAYS verify the downloaded ISO image.


If you haven't already, please review the Hardware page.


If you have a new machine with UEFI, please see:

UEFI Secure Boot

If your hardware has UEFI Secure Boot enabled, please see Secure Boot.


Please note that we only support the English language at this time.

Choose your Installation Guide

We have different Installation Guides to cover various use cases. Please choose the appropriate Installation Guide for your use case.

Quickly Evaluating Security Onion

If you just want to quickly evaluate Security Onion, choose one of the following. If you're a first time user, please choose the first option.


Production Deployment

If you're deploying Security Onion in production, please see:

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