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Redis Client Release Notes

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Latest release notes for the latest version of the c# ServiceStack.Redis.

Redis Client v1.30 Release Notes

This version adds support for the recently released Redis v2.0. This release also fixes a major performance issue with the older clients so it is now a recommended upgrade for all older clients which ideally should coincide with an upgrade to redis-server v2.0.

Warning: Breaking API Changes

Unfortunately during development of Redis Web Services I became aware that the nomenclature of the descriptive API found in the [IRedisClient] and [IRedisTypedClient] were sometimes in-consistent. Normally when making changes to published API's I would continue to deprecate and support the older API's unfortunately since there was so many changes supporting both API's would've made it more confusing so I've taken the opportunity with the release of redis-server v2.0 to start with a fresh slate, though I will continue to make available the older version (v1.20) of the client below.

The new terminology used in the new API

The wording in the new [IRedisClient] and RedisWebService API's:

  • For write operations I specify to what I'm adding an as well as where I'm adding it to:
    • e.g. AddItemToList as opposed to AddToList.
  • For read operations I specify what I'm getting and where I'm getting it from
    • e.g. GetAllItemsFromList as opposed to GetAllFromList.
  • A normal Key/Value pair using Get/Set/SetEntryInHash is referred to as an Entry which contains both a 'Key' and a 'Value'. So the normal Set becomes SetEntry
  • A Value in a List, Set, or SortedSet is referred as an Item

Please file any issues you find with the C# Client (or the rest of ServiceStack) on the issues pages.


The latest version of the open source c# redis client is available:

Download the stable and development release of the Redis Server Windows builds here: (currently v2.0RC)

Older Releases

For those that can't move to the new redis-server and new C# client, I will maintain the downloads of the older v2.0 libraries:

Redis Client v1.20 Release Notes

This version adds support for all operations available in Redis v1.3.11 (and the upcoming v2.0 RC) apart from the special debug commands: MONITOR / CONFIG / DEBUG which are commonly accessed via redis-cli/telnet for diagnosing a live-running Redis instance.

Redis Client v1.19 Release Notes

The biggest feature of this release is support for Redis Publish/Subscribe operations. Other than that all client client API's now use the new binary safe Redis wire protocol so now all arguments including keys are binary safe strings. Most new Redis operations available in the latest version of redis-server v1.3.10 have been implemented.

Other noteworthy mentions:

  • AcquireLock with built in backoff-sleep-multiplier was added on both [IRedisClient] and [IRedisTypedClient] to provide an elegant way to achieve application level locks.
  • The Refactoring process to change all commands to use the new protocol added more tests which discovered and fixed more bugs.
  • Issues identified in some hash commands resulted in more tests and fixes. -- thanks for reporting

New or changed API methods:

  • [RedisPubSub Publish/Subscribe/PSubscribe/UnSubscribe/PUnSubscribe] added to support Redis Pub/Sub
  • Append / Substring string operations requiring v1.3.10 redis-server
  • SetString with TimeOut now uses the more efficient SetEx operation
  • GetAllWithScoresFromSortedSet
  • Sort has been overhauled to allow for simpler opt-in usage.

= Redis Client v1.14 Release Notes = This release brings the client up to date with v1.3.9 of the redis-server with the following new operations included:

  • HSETNX (only available in redis trunk) You can access these new operations with the IRedisClient using the v1.3.9 of the redis-server.

Richer Transaction support has been improved with the addition of the [IRedisTypedTransaction IRedisTypedTransaction] which utilizes the IRedisTypedClient to provide transactions against strongly-typed POCO types. Examples can be found on the test page RedisTypedTransactionTests.cs

Redis Client v1.09 Release Notes


The biggest feature in this release is the addition of Redis Transactions. Almost every command in [IRedisClient] can now be queued and executed as part of an atomic Redis operation. For more info on how to use transactions visit [RedisTransactions].

Other noteworthy features

  • Fixed some bugs and provided richer support for Redis Hashes including implementing a the .NET native generic IDictionary<string,string> interface.
  • Name changes for a couple SortedSet and Hash operations for better consistency and readability.

Older Release Notes

Redis Client v1.08 Release Notes

API compatibility

This version of the client includes support for the Redis 1.3.7 API. This includes support for all Sorted Sets and Hash operations.


  • Included in the release is preliminary support for Transient Redis Message Queues.
  • Thread-safe load balanced PooledRedisClientManager and BasicRedisClientManager client managers, suitable to drop in any IOC.
    • Supports configuration of multiple read-write masters and read-only slave Redis server instances.

Breaking API changes:

  • Due to a change in the Redis 1.3.7 KEYS operation, IRedisClient.AllKeys and IRedisClient.GetKeys() now return a List<string>.
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