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Unity Actions

Unity Actions is a port of Cocos2d actions to unity.

Actions are one of the powerfull feature of cocos2d that I always missed in Unity3d. I never satisfied with iTween or related library. This code line by line port of original cocos2d (Cosos2d-X actually) code.

With actions, making an animation may not be simpler than this.

Action.Run(aTransform,new MoveBy(10,new Vector3(10,1,1)));

Above code move/transforms 'aTransform' by Vector3(10,1,1) units in 10 seconds. Now this is basic one, more complex example follows.

  Sequence seq= new Sequence(new MoveBy(3,new Vector3(10,1,1)),
								new RotateBy(5,new Vector3(180,0,0)),
								    new MoveBy(3,new Vector3(-10,1,1)),
								       new RotateBy(3,new Vector3(0,60,0))
  Action.Run(movingObject, new Repeat(seq,2));

That must be self-explanatory.

Welcome Actors!

Power of cocos2d actions and Unity3d coroutines can be nicely combined to produce yet more powerfull feature called Actors. Right now it can be thought as syntax sugar over action.

public  Transform movingObject;

IEnumerator anAnimation()
	Actor  anActor = Actor.GetActor(movingObject);
	yield return anActor.MoveBy(3,new Vector3(10,10,10));

	Debug.Log("Now cube must be at the top of the screen");

	yield return anActor.MoveTo(4,new Vector3(0,0,0));

	Debug.Log("Both the action completed now. Must be completed at 4+3=7 seconds");

void Start()

Code you see here is actually part of Actor testcase! Isn't it intutive, and as simple as screenwriting.


There is a lot of sugar in cocos2d in waiting to be ported to Unity3d! All contribution are eagerly accepted.


  • Write Testcases
  • Port CCInstantActions,CCTransitions...
  • Add Code Comments


Apache License

Free Software, Hell Yeah! -- hehe markdown forked from


This is a port of Cocos2d actions to unity. Enjoy! Hoped to replace *-tween libraries.



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