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Blog software in Flask

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Run these commands to get started:

$ sqlite3 blog.db < schema.sql
$ python

All the files listed in this tree:

├── schema.sql
├── static
│   ├── script.js
│   └── style.css
├── templates
│   ├── about.html
│   ├── addpost.html
│   ├── blogedit.html
│   ├── blogpost.html
│   ├── comment.html
│   ├── comments_by.html
│   ├── create_comment.html
│   ├── drafts.html
│   ├── editabout.html
│   ├── editdraft.html
│   ├── examples.html
│   ├── frontpage.html
│   ├── layout.html
│   ├── login.html
│   └── manage_comments_for.html

Are under the copyright of Mattias Ugelvik 2012, 2013. They are all licensed under the terms of the GNU GPLv3. There should be a copy of the license provided, called "gpl.txt".

The file: static/editor.js is licensed under the GPLv3. More information about that program can be found here.

All the files in the postmarkup directory are licensed under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license. More information about that can be found here.

The file: static/jquery.js is licensed under the MIT license.

templates/about.html may provide more useful information.

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