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Welcome to the Superalgos Desktop App User's Guide

The Superalgos Desktop App is the client application of the Superalgos Platform suite and provides a visual environment for developing, testing and automating crypto-trading strategies.

The app's vocation is to become a comprehensive trading automation system. This is not a simple plug-and-play bot. It is a platform that allows designing and automating a wide variety of strategies, with great flexibility.

However, flexibility and fine user control come at a cost: the learning curve required to tap into the app's full potential.

That said, we do intend to make light use of the app as easy as possible, for instance, for loading existing strategies and trading live right off the bat, with minimal user input.


Alpha Stage Notice

This is a pre-release in alpha stage. The app is under heavy development. We appreciate your help in testing the app and reporting any errors you may experience. We will keep improving user experience with your feedback.

WARNING: The Superalgos Desktop App is at a very early stage of development. As such, errors may occur at any point, including errors that may cause you to lose money. You are responsible for taking all precautions before starting trading live. Make sure you forward-test with small amounts of money, the kind you can afford losing. Trade live at your own risk.

About this Guide

This wiki is arranged in chapters. You may access each topic by using the menu on the right. We try our best to organize the content in a logical order, so that you are exposed to information incrementally, as you need it while you go through the learning curve.

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