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Python 3 1


Base project to start using toolium for your testing automation projects

Updated Jun 15, 2016

Python 2 2


Set of examples to learn how to use toolium different functionalities

Updated Jun 15, 2016

Python 4 5


Wrapper tool of Selenium and Appium libraries to test web and mobile applications in a single project

Updated Jun 3, 2016

JavaScript 8 0


Express middleware to log, using a configurable logger, each request and response.

Updated May 25, 2016

Shell 0 0


IOT operation Utilities & systems management tools

Updated May 3, 2016

JavaScript 8 0


Merge multiple configuration sources: JSON and YAML files, directories, environment properties and command-line arguments.

Updated Feb 18, 2016

JavaScript 8 0


Express middleware to track the request and response storing in the domain the operation, transactionId and correlator.

Updated Feb 11, 2016

JavaScript 6 0


Themible Module to set up the theme (to customize the web presentation) and locales (for internationalization) of a node.js express application.

Updated Feb 11, 2016

JavaScript 10 3


Ever wanted to take advantage of both Leaflet and D3 to make fully interactive maps with minimal effort? Tired of using out-of-the-box mapping software only to find that it always falls short of requirements, whilst on the other hand, building from scratch is just a big hassle? Submarine is an open source library developed at Telefónica Labs to …

Updated Feb 1, 2016

JavaScript 9 1


JSON Web Tokens (JWT) utils.

Updated Oct 7, 2015

JavaScript 11 0


Allow terminating a server in an orderly fashion

Updated Sep 29, 2015

JavaScript 8 2


Express middleware to automatically create and destroy a domain.

Updated Sep 9, 2015

Java 0 0


Java library to access elements in a hierarchical map as a simple map

Updated Aug 10, 2015


Mocks to simplify unit testing in vertx projects

Updated Jul 28, 2015


Asynchronous HTTP cache with vert.x technology

Updated Jul 28, 2015


Logger library for vert.x platform with TDAF logging format

Updated Jul 28, 2015


Java library to implement dependency injection in a JSON, lightweight fashion.

Updated Jul 28, 2015


Java library to parse, validate and generate documents in different representations: JSON, XML and SOAP

Updated Jul 28, 2015


Java interface to simplify the orchestration of asynchronous tasks

Updated Jul 17, 2015

JavaScript 7 0


Express middleware to automatically log the metrics traces.

Updated Jul 9, 2015

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