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HexChat OTR

Adds off the record support to HexChat.

Originally forked from irssi-otr and still a work in progress.



  • glib
  • gcrypt
  • libotr4
  • hexchat
  • meson

User install

meson builddir -Dlocal_install=true
ninja -C builddir install

System install

meson builddir
ninja -C builddir
sudo ninja -C builddir install


  1. Start a session with a user:

    /query nick
    /otr start

    If this is your first time it may take a while to generate a key.

  2. Authenticate this user:

    At this point you need to verify this is the person you think.

    • If you know their fingerprint and it is correct:

       /otr trust
    • If you have previously agreed on a password:

       /otr auth <password>
    • If you have neither of these:

       /otr authq <question> <answer>
  3. Start chatting:

    Everything should be secure at this point. When you are done:

    /otr finish