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Releases: Unity-Technologies/com.unity.netcode.gameobjects


21 Feb 16:23
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  • Fixed a compile error when compiling for IL2CPP targets when using the new [Rpc] attribute. (#2824)


29 Jan 16:52
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  • Added a new RPC attribute, which is simply Rpc. (#2762)
    • This is a generic attribute that can perform the functions of both Server and Client RPCs, as well as enabling client-to-client RPCs. Includes several default targets: Server, NotServer, Owner, NotOwner, Me, NotMe, ClientsAndHost, and Everyone. Runtime overrides are available for any of these targets, as well as for sending to a specific ID or groups of IDs.
    • This attribute also includes the ability to defer RPCs that are sent to the local process to the start of the next frame instead of executing them immediately, treating them as if they had gone across the network. The default behavior is to execute immediately.
    • This attribute effectively replaces ServerRpc and ClientRpc. ServerRpc and ClientRpc remain in their existing forms for backward compatibility, but Rpc will be the recommended and most supported option.
  • Added NetworkManager.OnConnectionEvent as a unified connection event callback to notify clients and servers of all client connections and disconnections within the session (#2762)
  • Added NetworkManager.ServerIsHost and NetworkBehaviour.ServerIsHost to allow a client to tell if it is connected to a host or to a dedicated server (#2762)
  • Added SceneEventProgress.SceneManagementNotEnabled return status to be returned when a NetworkSceneManager method is invoked and scene management is not enabled. (#2735)
  • Added SceneEventProgress.ServerOnlyAction return status to be returned when a NetworkSceneManager method is invoked by a client. (#2735)
  • Added NetworkObject.InstantiateAndSpawn and NetworkSpawnManager.InstantiateAndSpawn methods to simplify prefab spawning by assuring that the prefab is valid and applies any override prior to instantiating the GameObject and spawning the NetworkObject instance. (#2710)


  • Fixed issue where a client disconnected by a server-host would not receive a local notification. (#2789)
  • Fixed issue where a server-host could shutdown during a relay connection but periodically the transport disconnect message sent to any connected clients could be dropped. (#2789)
  • Fixed issue where a host could disconnect its local client but remain running as a server. (#2789)
  • Fixed issue where OnClientDisconnectedCallback was not being invoked under certain conditions. (#2789)
  • Fixed issue where OnClientDisconnectedCallback was always returning 0 as the client identifier. (#2789)
  • Fixed issue where if a host or server shutdown while a client owned NetworkObjects (other than the player) it would throw an exception. (#2789)
  • Fixed issue where setting values on a NetworkVariable or NetworkList within OnNetworkDespawn during a shutdown sequence would throw an exception. (#2789)
  • Fixed issue where a teleport state could potentially be overridden by a previous unreliable delta state. (#2777)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkTransform was using the NetworkManager.ServerTime.Tick as opposed to NetworkManager.NetworkTickSystem.ServerTime.Tick during the authoritative side's tick update where it performed a delta state check. (#2777)
  • Fixed issue where a parented in-scene placed NetworkObject would be destroyed upon a client or server exiting a network session but not unloading the original scene in which the NetworkObject was placed. (#2737)
  • Fixed issue where during client synchronization and scene loading, when client synchronization or the scene loading mode are set to LoadSceneMode.Single, a CreateObjectMessage could be received, processed, and the resultant spawned NetworkObject could be instantiated in the client's currently active scene that could, towards the end of the client synchronization or loading process, be unloaded and cause the newly created NetworkObject to be destroyed (and throw and exception). (#2735)
  • Fixed issue where a NetworkTransform instance with interpolation enabled would result in wide visual motion gaps (stuttering) under above normal latency conditions and a 1-5% or higher packet are drop rate. (#2713)
  • Fixed issue where you could not have multiple source network prefab overrides targeting the same network prefab as their override. (#2710)


  • Changed the server or host shutdown so it will now perform a "soft shutdown" when NetworkManager.Shutdown is invoked. This will send a disconnect notification to all connected clients and the server-host will wait for all connected clients to disconnect or timeout after a 5 second period before completing the shutdown process. (#2789)
  • Changed OnClientDisconnectedCallback will now return the assigned client identifier on the local client side if the client was approved and assigned one prior to being disconnected. (#2789)
  • Changed NetworkTransform.SetState (and related methods) now are cumulative during a fractional tick period and sent on the next pending tick. (#2777)
  • NetworkManager.ConnectedClientsIds is now accessible on the client side and will contain the list of all clients in the session, including the host client if the server is operating in host mode (#2762)
  • Changed NetworkSceneManager to return a SceneEventProgress status and not throw exceptions for methods invoked when scene management is disabled and when a client attempts to access a NetworkSceneManager method by a client. (#2735)
  • Changed NetworkTransform authoritative instance tick registration so a single NetworkTransform specific tick event update will update all authoritative instances to improve perofmance. (#2713)
  • Changed NetworkPrefabs.OverrideToNetworkPrefab dictionary is no longer used/populated due to it ending up being related to a regression bug and not allowing more than one override to be assigned to a network prefab asset. (#2710)
  • Changed in-scene placed NetworkObjects now store their source network prefab asset's GlobalObjectIdHash internally that is used, when scene management is disabled, by clients to spawn the correct prefab even if the NetworkPrefab entry has an override. This does not impact dynamically spawning the same prefab which will yield the override on both host and client. (#2710)
  • Changed in-scene placed NetworkObjects no longer require a NetworkPrefab entry with GlobalObjectIdHash override in order for clients to properly synchronize. (#2710)
  • Changed in-scene placed NetworkObjects now set their IsSceneObject value when generating their GlobalObjectIdHash value. (#2710)
  • Changed the default NetworkConfig.SpawnTimeout value from 1.0s to 10.0s. (#2710)


24 Nov 16:01
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[1.7.1] - 2023-11-24


  • Fixed a bug where having a class with Rpcs that inherits from a class without Rpcs that inherits from NetworkVariable would cause a compile error. (#2751)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkBehaviour.Synchronize was not truncating the write buffer if nothing was serialized during NetworkBehaviour.OnSynchronize causing an additional 6 bytes to be written per NetworkBehaviour component instance. (#2749)


26 Oct 16:47
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[1.7.0] - 2023-10-11


  • exposed NetworkObject.GetNetworkBehaviourAtOrderIndex as a public API (#2724)
  • Added context menu tool that provides users with the ability to quickly update the GlobalObjectIdHash value for all in-scene placed prefab instances that were created prior to adding a NetworkObject component to it. (#2707)
  • Added methods NetworkManager.SetPeerMTU and NetworkManager.GetPeerMTU to be able to set MTU sizes per-peer (#2676)
  • Added GenerateSerializationForGenericParameterAttribute, which can be applied to user-created Network Variable types to ensure the codegen generates serialization for the generic types they wrap. (#2694)
  • Added GenerateSerializationForTypeAttribute, which can be applied to any class or method to ensure the codegen generates serialization for the specific provided type. (#2694)
  • Exposed NetworkVariableSerialization<T>.Read, NetworkVariableSerialization<T>.Write, NetworkVariableSerialization<T>.AreEqual, and NetworkVariableSerialization<T>.Duplicate to further support the creation of user-created network variables by allowing users to access the generated serialization methods and serialize generic types efficiently without boxing. (#2694)
  • Added NetworkVariableBase.MarkNetworkBehaviourDirty so that user-created network variable types can mark their containing NetworkBehaviour to be processed by the update loop. (#2694)


  • Fixed issue where the server side NetworkSceneManager instance was not adding the currently active scene to its list of scenes loaded. (#2723)
  • Generic NetworkBehaviour types no longer result in compile errors or runtime errors (#2720)
  • Rpcs within Generic NetworkBehaviour types can now serialize parameters of the class's generic types (but may not have generic types of their own) (#2720)
  • Errors are no longer thrown when entering play mode with domain reload disabled (#2720)
  • NetworkSpawn is now correctly called each time when entering play mode with scene reload disabled (#2720)
  • NetworkVariables of non-integer types will no longer break the inspector (#2714)
  • NetworkVariables with NonSerializedAttribute will not appear in the inspector (#2714)
  • Fixed issue where UnityTransport would attempt to establish WebSocket connections even if using UDP/DTLS Relay allocations when the build target was WebGL. This only applied to working in the editor since UDP/DTLS can't work in the browser. (#2695)
  • Fixed issue where a NetworkBehaviour component's OnNetworkDespawn was not being invoked on the host-server side for an in-scene placed NetworkObject when a scene was unloaded (during a scene transition) and the NetworkBehaviour component was positioned/ordered before the NetworkObject component. (#2685)
  • Fixed issue where SpawnWithObservers was not being honored when NetworkConfig.EnableSceneManagement was disabled. (#2682)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkAnimator was not internally tracking changes to layer weights which prevented proper layer weight synchronization back to the original layer weight value. (#2674)
  • Fixed "writing past the end of the buffer" error when calling ResetDirty() on managed network variables that are larger than 256 bytes when serialized. (#2670)
  • Fixed issue where generation of the DefaultNetworkPrefabs asset was not enabled by default. (#2662)
  • Fixed issue where the GlobalObjectIdHash value could be updated but the asset not marked as dirty. (#2662)
  • Fixed issue where the GlobalObjectIdHash value of a (network) prefab asset could be assigned an incorrect value when editing the prefab in a temporary scene. (#2662)
  • Fixed issue where the GlobalObjectIdHash value generated after creating a (network) prefab from an object constructed within the scene would not be the correct final value in a stand alone build. (#2662)


  • Updated dependency on com.unity.transport to version 1.4.0. (#2716)


29 Aug 21:53
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[1.6.0] - 2023-08-29


  • Added a protected virtual method NetworkTransform.OnInitialize(ref NetworkTransformState replicatedState) that just returns the replicated state reference.


  • Fixed issue where invoking NetworkManager.Shutdown within NetworkManager.OnClientStopped or NetworkManager.OnServerStopped would force NetworkManager.ShutdownInProgress to remain true after completing the shutdown process. (#2661)
  • Issue where ARMv7 Android builds would crash when trying to validate the batch header. (#2654)
  • Fixed issue with client synchronization of position when using half precision and the delta position reaches the maximum value and is collapsed on the host prior to being forwarded to the non-owner clients. (#2636)
  • Fixed issue with scale not synchronizing properly depending upon the spawn order of NetworkObjects. (#2636)
  • Fixed issue position was not properly transitioning between ownership changes with an owner authoritative NetworkTransform. (#2636)
  • Fixed issue where a late joining non-owner client could update an owner authoritative NetworkTransform if ownership changed without any updates to position prior to the non-owner client joining. (#2636)


01 Aug 14:27
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[1.5.2] - 2023-07-24


  • Fixed issue where NetworkClient.OwnedObjects was not returning any owned objects due to the NetworkClient.IsConnected not being properly set. (#2631)
  • Fixed a crash when calling TrySetParent with a null Transform (#2625)
  • Fixed issue where a NetworkTransform using full precision state updates was losing transform state updates when interpolation was enabled. (#2624)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkObject.SpawnWithObservers was not being honored for late joining clients. (#2623)
  • Fixed issue where invoking NetworkManager.Shutdown multiple times, depending upon the timing, could cause an exception. (#2622)
  • Fixed issue where removing ownership would not notify the server that it gained ownership. This also resolves the issue where an owner authoritative NetworkTransform would not properly initialize upon removing ownership from a remote client. (#2618)
  • Fixed ILPP issues when using CoreCLR and for certain dedicated server builds. (#2614)
  • Fixed an ILPP compile error when creating a generic NetworkBehaviour singleton with a static T instance. (#2603)


14 Jun 16:19
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[1.5.1] - 2023-05-24


  • Added support for serializing NativeArray<> and NativeList<> in FastBufferReader/FastBufferWriter, BufferSerializer, NetworkVariable, and RPCs. (To use NativeList<>, add UNITY_NETCODE_NATIVE_COLLECTION_SUPPORT to your Scripting Define Symbols in Project Settings > Player) (#2375)
  • The location of the automatically-created default network prefab list can now be configured (#2544)
  • Added: Message size limits (max single message and max fragmented message) can now be set using NetworkManager.MaximumTransmissionUnitSize and NetworkManager.MaximumFragmentedMessageSize for transports that don't work with the default values (#2530)
  • Added NetworkObject.SpawnWithObservers property (default is true) that when set to false will spawn a NetworkObject with no observers and will not be spawned on any client until NetworkObject.NetworkShow is invoked. (#2568)


  • Fixed: Fixed a null reference in codegen in some projects (#2581)
  • Fixed issue where the OnClientDisconnected client identifier was incorrect after a pending client connection was denied. (#2569)
  • Fixed warning "Runtime Network Prefabs was not empty at initialization time." being erroneously logged when no runtime network prefabs had been added (#2565)
  • Fixed issue where some temporary debug console logging was left in a merged PR. (#2562)
  • Fixed the "Generate Default Network Prefabs List" setting not loading correctly and always reverting to being checked. (#2545)
  • Fixed issue where users could not use NetworkSceneManager.VerifySceneBeforeLoading to exclude runtime generated scenes from client synchronization. (#2550)
  • Fixed missing value on NetworkListEvent for EventType.RemoveAt events. (#2542,#2543)
  • Fixed issue where parenting a NetworkTransform under a transform with a scale other than would result in incorrect values on non-authoritative instances. (#2538)
  • Fixed issue where a server would include scene migrated and then despawned NetworkObjects to a client that was being synchronized. (#2532)
  • Fixed the inspector throwing exceptions when attempting to render NetworkVariables of enum types. (#2529)
  • Making a NetworkVariable with an INetworkSerializable type that doesn't meet the new() constraint will now create a compile-time error instead of an editor crash (#2528)
  • Fixed Multiplayer Tools package installation docs page link on the NetworkManager popup. (#2526)
  • Fixed an exception and error logging when two different objects are shown and hidden on the same frame (#2524)
  • Fixed a memory leak in UnityTransport that occurred if StartClient failed. (#2518)
  • Fixed issue where a client could throw an exception if abruptly disconnected from a network session with one or more spawned NetworkObject(s). (#2510)
  • Fixed issue where invalid endpoint addresses were not being detected and returning false from NGO UnityTransport. (#2496)
  • Fixed some errors that could occur if a connection is lost and the loss is detected when attempting to write to the socket. (#2495)


  • Adding network prefabs before NetworkManager initialization is now supported. (#2565)
  • Connecting clients being synchronized now switch to the server's active scene before spawning and synchronizing NetworkObjects. (#2532)
  • Updated UnityTransport dependency on com.unity.transport to 1.3.4. (#2533)
  • Improved performance of NetworkBehaviour initialization by replacing reflection when initializing NetworkVariables with compile-time code generation, which should help reduce hitching during additive scene loads. (#2522)


29 Apr 00:02
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[1.4.0] - 2023-04-10


  • Added a way to access the GlobalObjectIdHash via PrefabIdHash for use in the Connection Approval Callback. (#2437)
  • Added OnServerStarted and OnServerStopped events that will trigger only on the server (or host player) to notify that the server just started or is no longer active (#2420)
  • Added OnClientStarted and OnClientStopped events that will trigger only on the client (or host player) to notify that the client just started or is no longer active (#2420)
  • Added NetworkTransform.UseHalfFloatPrecision property that, when enabled, will use half float values for position, rotation, and scale. This yields a 50% bandwidth savings a the cost of precision. (#2388)
  • Added NetworkTransform.UseQuaternionSynchronization property that, when enabled, will synchronize the entire quaternion. (#2388)
  • Added NetworkTransform.UseQuaternionCompression property that, when enabled, will use a smallest three implementation reducing a full quaternion synchronization update to the size of an unsigned integer. (#2388)
  • Added NetworkTransform.SlerpPosition property that, when enabled along with interpolation being enabled, will interpolate using Vector3.Slerp. (#2388)
  • Added BufferedLinearInterpolatorVector3 that replaces the float version, is now used by NetworkTransform, and provides the ability to enable or disable Slerp. (#2388)
  • Added HalfVector3 used for scale when half float precision is enabled. (#2388)
  • Added HalfVector4 used for rotation when half float precision and quaternion synchronization is enabled. (#2388)
  • Added HalfVector3DeltaPosition used for position when half float precision is enabled. This handles loss in position precision by updating only the delta position as opposed to the full position. (#2388)
  • Added NetworkTransform.GetSpaceRelativePosition and NetworkTransform.GetSpaceRelativeRotation helper methods to return the proper values depending upon whether local or world space. (#2388)
  • Added NetworkTransform.OnAuthorityPushTransformState virtual method that is invoked just prior to sending the NetworkTransformState to non-authoritative instances. This provides users with the ability to obtain more precise delta values for prediction related calculations. (#2388)
  • Added NetworkTransform.OnNetworkTransformStateUpdated virtual method that is invoked just after the authoritative NetworkTransformState is applied. This provides users with the ability to obtain more precise delta values for prediction related calculations. (#2388)
  • Added NetworkTransform.OnInitializevirtual method that is invoked after the NetworkTransform has been initialized or re-initialized when ownership changes. This provides for a way to make adjustments when NetworkTransform is initialized (i.e. resetting client prediction etc) (#2388)
  • Added NetworkObject.SynchronizeTransform property (default is true) that provides users with another way to help with bandwidth optimizations where, when set to false, the NetworkObject's associated transform will not be included when spawning and/or synchronizing late joining players. (#2388)
  • Added NetworkSceneManager.ActiveSceneSynchronizationEnabled property, disabled by default, that enables client synchronization of server-side active scene changes. (#2383)
  • Added NetworkObject.ActiveSceneSynchronization, disabled by default, that will automatically migrate a NetworkObject to a newly assigned active scene. (#2383)
  • Added NetworkObject.SceneMigrationSynchronization, enabled by default, that will synchronize client(s) when a NetworkObject is migrated into a new scene on the server side via SceneManager.MoveGameObjectToScene. (#2383)


  • Made sure the CheckObjectVisibility delegate is checked and applied, upon NetworkShow attempt. Found while supporting (#2454), although this is not a fix for this (already fixed) issue. (#2463)
  • Changed NetworkTransform authority handles delta checks on each new network tick and no longer consumes processing cycles checking for deltas for all frames in-between ticks. (#2388)
  • Changed the NetworkTransformState structure is now public and now has public methods that provide access to key properties of the NetworkTransformState structure. (#2388)
  • Changed NetworkTransform interpolation adjusts its interpolation "ticks ago" to be 2 ticks latent if it is owner authoritative and the instance is not the server or 1 tick latent if the instance is the server and/or is server authoritative. (#2388)
  • Updated NetworkSceneManager to migrate dynamically spawned NetworkObjects with DestroyWithScene set to false into the active scene if their current scene is unloaded. (#2383)
  • Updated the server to synchronize its local NetworkSceneManager.ClientSynchronizationMode during the initial client synchronization. (#2383)


  • Fixed issue where during client synchronization the synchronizing client could receive a ObjectSceneChanged message before the client-side NetworkObject instance had been instantiated and spawned. (#2502)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkAnimator was building client RPC parameters to exclude the host from sending itself messages but was not including it in the ClientRpc parameters. (#2492)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkAnimator was not properly detecting and synchronizing cross fade initiated transitions. (#2481)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkAnimator was not properly synchronizing animation state updates. (#2481)
  • Fixed float NetworkVariables not being rendered properly in the inspector of NetworkObjects. (#2441)
  • Fixed an issue where Named Message Handlers could remove themselves causing an exception when the metrics tried to access the name of the message.(#2426)
  • Fixed registry of public NetworkVariables in derived NetworkBehaviours (#2423)
  • Fixed issue where runtime association of Animator properties to AnimationCurves would cause NetworkAnimator to attempt to update those changes. (#2416)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkAnimator would not check if its associated Animator was valid during serialization and would spam exceptions in the editor console. (#2416)
  • Fixed issue with a child's rotation rolling over when interpolation is enabled on a NetworkTransform. Now using half precision or full quaternion synchronization will always update all axis. (#2388)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkTransform was not setting the teleport flag when the NetworkTransform.InLocalSpace value changed. This issue only impacted NetworkTransform when interpolation was enabled. (#2388)
  • Fixed issue when the NetworkSceneManager.ClientSynchronizationMode is LoadSceneMode.Additive and the server changes the currently active scene prior to a client connecting then upon a client connecting and being synchronized the NetworkSceneManager would clear its internal ScenePlacedObjects list that could already be populated. (#2383)
  • Fixed issue where a client would load duplicate scenes of already preloaded scenes during the initial client synchronization and NetworkSceneManager.ClientSynchronizationMode was set to LoadSceneMode.Additive. (#2383)


11 Apr 17:39
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[1.3.1] - 2023-03-27


  • Added detection and graceful handling of corrupt packets for additional safety. (#2419)


  • The UTP component UI has been updated to be more user-friendly for new users by adding a simple toggle to switch between local-only ( and remote ( binding modes, using the toggle "Allow Remote Connections" (#2408)
  • Updated UnityTransport dependency on com.unity.transport to 1.3.3. (#2450)
  • NetworkShow() of NetworkObjects are delayed until the end of the frame to ensure consistency of delta-driven variables like NetworkList.
  • Dirty NetworkObject are reset at end-of-frame and not at serialization time.
  • NetworkHide() of an object that was just NetworkShow()n produces a warning, as remote clients will not get a spawn/despawn pair.
  • Renamed the NetworkTransform.SetState parameter shouldGhostsInterpolate to teleportDisabled for better clarity of what that parameter does. (#2228)
  • Network prefabs are now stored in a ScriptableObject that can be shared between NetworkManagers, and have been exposed for public access. By default, a Default Prefabs List is created that contains all NetworkObject prefabs in the project, and new NetworkManagers will default to using that unless that option is turned off in the Netcode for GameObjects settings. Existing NetworkManagers will maintain their existing lists, which can be migrated to the new format via a button in their inspector. (#2322)


  • Fixed issue where changes to a layer's weight would not synchronize unless a state transition was occurring.(#2399)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkManager.LocalClientId was returning the NetworkTransport.ServerClientId as opposed to the NetworkManager.m_LocalClientId. (#2398)
  • Fixed issue where a dynamically spawned NetworkObject parented under an in-scene placed NetworkObject would have its InScenePlaced value changed to true. This would result in a soft synchronization error for late joining clients. (#2396)
  • Fixed a UTP test that was failing when you install Unity Transport package 2.0.0 or newer. (#2347)
  • Fixed issue where NetcodeSettingsProvider would throw an exception in Unity 2020.3.x versions. (#2345)
  • Fixed server side issue where, depending upon component ordering, some NetworkBehaviour components might not have their OnNetworkDespawn method invoked if the client side disconnected. (#2323)
  • Fixed a case where data corruption could occur when using UnityTransport when reaching a certain level of send throughput. (#2332)
  • Fixed an issue in UnityTransport where an exception would be thrown if starting a Relay host/server on WebGL. This exception should only be thrown if using direct connections (where WebGL can't act as a host/server). (#2321)
  • Fixed NetworkAnimator issue where it was not checking for AnimatorStateTtansition.destinationStateMachine and any possible sub-states defined within it. (#2309)
  • Fixed NetworkAnimator issue where the host client was receiving the ClientRpc animation updates when the host was the owner.(#2309) Will be fixed in next update
  • Fixed NetworkAnimator issue with using pooled objects and when specific properties are cleaned during despawn and destroy.(#2309)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkAnimator was checking for animation changes when the associated NetworkObject was not spawned.(#2309)
  • Corrected an issue with the documentation for BufferSerializer (#2401)


09 Dec 20:07
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[1.2.0] - 2022-11-21


  • Added protected method NetworkBehaviour.OnSynchronize which is invoked during the initial NetworkObject synchronization process. This provides users the ability to include custom serialization information that will be applied to the NetworkBehaviour prior to the NetworkObject being spawned. (#2298)
  • Added support for different versions of the SDK to talk to each other in circumstances where changes permit it. Starting with this version and into future versions, patch versions should be compatible as long as the minor version is the same. (#2290)
  • Added NetworkObject auto-add helper and Multiplayer Tools install reminder settings to Project Settings. (#2285)
  • Added public string DisconnectReason getter to NetworkManager and string Reason to ConnectionApprovalResponse. Allows connection approval to communicate back a reason. Also added public void DisconnectClient(ulong clientId, string reason) allowing setting a disconnection reason, when explicitly disconnecting a client. (#2280)


  • Changed 3rd-party XXHash (32 & 64) implementation with an in-house reimplementation (#2310)
  • When NetworkConfig.EnsureNetworkVariableLengthSafety is disabled NetworkVariable fields do not write the additional ushort size value (which helps to reduce the total synchronization message size), but when enabled it still writes the additional ushort value. (#2298)
  • Optimized bandwidth usage by encoding most integer fields using variable-length encoding. (#2276)


  • Fixed issue where NetworkTransform components nested under a parent with a NetworkObject component (i.e. network prefab) would not have their associated GameObject's transform synchronized. (#2298)
  • Fixed issue where NetworkObjects that failed to instantiate could cause the entire synchronization pipeline to be disrupted/halted for a connecting client. (#2298)
  • Fixed issue where in-scene placed NetworkObjects nested under a GameObject would be added to the orphaned children list causing continual console warning log messages. (#2298)
  • Custom messages are now properly received by the local client when they're sent while running in host mode. (#2296)
  • Fixed issue where the host would receive more than one event completed notification when loading or unloading a scene only when no clients were connected. (#2292)
  • Fixed an issue in UnityTransport where an error would be logged if the 'Use Encryption' flag was enabled with a Relay configuration that used a secure protocol. (#2289)
  • Fixed issue where in-scene placed NetworkObjects were not honoring the AutoObjectParentSync property. (#2281)
  • Fixed the issue where NetworkManager.OnClientConnectedCallback was being invoked before in-scene placed NetworkObjects had been spawned when starting NetworkManager as a host. (#2277)
  • Creating a FastBufferReader with Allocator.None will not result in extra memory being allocated for the buffer (since it's owned externally in that scenario). (#2265)


  • Removed the NetworkObject auto-add and Multiplayer Tools install reminder settings from the Menu interface. (#2285)