Software specification and verification system based on graph rewriting
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ggazzi Install Lua sources with executable
The Lua source files are now listed in the
'data-files' field of the cabal package.

Thus, when verigraph-repl is installed,
they can still be accessed.
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Software specification and verification tool based on graph rewriting.

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In depth "how to" tutorials are available for each stable version at Releases.

Quick Start

Installing via Stack

Once you have cloned this repository, install verigraph by running:

  $ stack setup # Will download and configure ghc if it is not installed yet
  $ stack install
  $ echo "export PATH=${PATH}:~/.local/bin" >> ~/.bashrc
  $ source ~/.bashrc

If there is an error saying recompile with -fPIC, it can be fixed by the following command (see

  $ shopt -s globstar && sed -i 's/-fno-PIE/-no-pie/g' ~/.stack/programs/**/ghc-*/settings`

Installing via Cabal

Once you have cloned this repository, install verigraph by running:

  $ cabal install
  $ echo "export PATH=${PATH}:~/.cabal/bin" >> ~/.bashrc
  $ source ~/.bashrc


Run verigraph helper:

  $ verigraph --help

Some example grammars are provided in the grammars directory, try something like:

  $ verigraph analysis grammars/Pacman/pacman.ggx

If you use bash, you can enable autocompletion of verigraph options for the current session by running the following command.

  $ source <(verigraph --bash-completion-script "$(which verigraph)")

Modelling and Visualization

We use AGG to read and write the .ggx and .cpx files with the Graph Grammars and their analysis.


We encourage you to contribute to Verigraph. Please check out the Contributing guidelines about how to proceed.

Everyone interacting in Verigraph and/or its tutorials, sub-projects' codebases and issue trackers is expected to follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.


Verigraph is released under the Apache 2.0 License