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Seeder - Czech webarchive curating tool and public site
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westfood Docker image based on Python 3.7.3 (#511)
* Using non public DSN for Sentry.

* run script for local test.

* Image based on Python 3.7.3. Removing libmysqlclient-dev.

* Always build in local test.
Latest commit 78dd9c6 Jul 11, 2019
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installation_templates new folder for installation templates Jun 7, 2015
.env Working docker compose Nov 23, 2015
.landscape.yml fix localsettings template typo Feb 16, 2017
License MIT license Mar 25, 2015 CI/CD deployment to test environment (#508) Jul 9, 2019
dbash Transifex fix and suppport for docker Apr 19, 2016
docker-compose.yml CI/CD deployment to test environment (#508) Jul 9, 2019
drun ./drun script for easy inside docker May 19, 2016


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Web archivists tool for moderating what parts of Czech Internet will be archived and what parts should die in the shadows of unarchived wasteland.

Documentation is available at Read the docs.

Docker compose should work out of box after cloning. Run: docker-compose up. deployment instructions

Important branches

  • master - development branch
  • production - production-ready branch
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