WinMTR Redux, extended fork of Appnor's WinMTR with IPv6 support and other enhancements
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WinMTR (Redux)

WinMTR (Redux) in an extended fork of Appnor's WinMTR (sourceforge)
with IPv6 support and other different enhancements and bug fixes

Download (binaries)

Differences to WinMTR 0.98

  • [x] - removed Windows 2000 support
  • [x] + added IPv6 support
  • [x] + clickable entries when stopped.. (why the heck wasn't it possible before?)
  • [x] * added start delay of about 30ms for each hop (870ms before the 30th hop gets queried)
    this should improve performance and reduces network load

  • [x] ! fixed trace list freeze (list didn't update while tracing, happens when tracing just one hop)
  • [x] * theme support (more fancy look :P)
  • [ ] + remembers window size
  • [ ] ! CTRL+A works for host input
  • [ ] + host history: pressing del key or right mouse will remove selected entry
  • [ ] * new icon


  • Windows XP+ (Windows 2000 support can be added on request, but IPv6 will not work)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributables (32bit | 64bit) or use static build

About me / why I decided to create this fork

There isn't that much to say actually, I've been using IPv6 for a few years now thanks to SixXS and it always annoyed me that WinMTR couldn't handle IPv6... finally my ISP got some sort of IPv6 beta test. And that's what I wanted to compare: native vs SixXS with long-term trace routes such as those WinMTR provides.
Since there wasn't any WinMTR build with IPv6, I decided to do it myself ;) The result can be seen here :P
(after 1 day for IPv6, and 2 additional days to fix other stuff and polishing)

If you're looking for an alternative (not meant for long-term traces) there's vTrace. It's some really interesting piece of Software ;) (with more then just trace routes)