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Star Raiders (Version 25.1/Stardate "26-JUL-79")
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Star Raiders Pretty-Printed.pdf

Star Raiders for Atari 800

Typed in from scanned hardcopies. The symbol table (pages 113-116) is not included. (After 144KiBy you'd also be reluctant to type in anything that wasn't absolutely necessary!)

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following people in making this project possible:

  • Kevin Savetz (a/k/a savetz)
    Acquired the hardcopy, scanned it, and uploaded it
  • Misty De Meo (a/k/a mistydemeo)
    Pages 48 and 49
  • jzatarski
    Page 21
  • Jared Deckard (a/k/a deckar01)
    Page 71
  • Matthew Molnar (a/k/a mattcodez)
    Page 72
  • rnelsonxmission
    Fixed typos on page 40
  • Henry Ammermann (a/k/a hintss)
    Fixed typos on page 43
  • zhuowei
    Page 80 (ultimately retyped)
  • Ed Burns (a/k/a edburns)
    This README (ultimately rewritten)

— xıoɴʏᴄ