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Aaron Bullard

I'm a full stack developer and a cloud architecture consultant. I teach development teams how to build clean software. I mentor developers in the application of an API First, Domain Driven and Test Driven Design Strategy.


  • United States Naval Academy (Quantitative Economics)
  • The George Washington University (MBA)


  • Full Stack Developer | Experienced Manager | Personable Leader | Innovative Thinker
  • Open Source Contributor | Test Driven Development techniques and Object Oriented Design principles
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified


  • PHP, Solidity, Node.js, Ruby, SQL, NoSQL, Elasticsearch
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Vue, React, AngularJS, Bootstrap
  • Domain Driven Design, Functional Programming, Cryptography Schemes, Microservices, API First Strategy
  • AWS, Docker, Ethereum, Laravel, Symfony, Rails, Express


  • Cryptography | Zero Knowledge Proofs | Blockchain Technology
  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (Neural Networks)
  • Domain Driven Design | Functional Programming
  • Offshore Sailing and Jeep Overlanding
  • Traveling to Croatia to visit my wife’s family
  • Riding my bike with my Vizsla

Code Samples

A few highlighted code samples from my open source packages:



  • aaronbullard/rails-filters
    • A helper class (gem) to translate a string of filters into usable sql to modify active record queries.



2Book | Vice President of Engineering | Charleston, South Carolina | 2017 - Present

  • A SaaS platform providing scheduling, online booking, and contact management
    • Head of all technology, in charge of all software development, architecture, and infrastructure
    • Manage and mentor the professional growth of the software development team
    • Manage the daily operations of a production website with over 6,000 paying subscribers, $100 million in annual credit card transactions, and an average throughput of 7,000 requests per minute
    • Provide DevOps expertise for an AWS infrastructure with 26 EC2 instances across 4 environments and 3 RDS databases

Lockbox | Founder/Developer | Charleston, South Carolina | 2017 - Present

  • A virtual safety deposit box that protects information ownership and transfer using layered symmetric and asymmetric cryptography schemes - launching in 2019
    • Personal project developed using Laravel Spark, Vue, PostgreSQL and AES-256, RSA cryptography
    • Architected and developed the cryptographic scheme where data is symmetrically encrypted and where by the key is shared and stored between users via their public key; each user’s private key is also symmetrically encrypted using a passphrase only they know
    • Lockbox allows users to designate a delegate who can in an emergency access personal information after a predetermined countdown; and during which the owner has the opportunity to prevent access

540 | Senior Software Architect | Arlington, Virginia | 2015 - 2017

  • Technology consulting geeks who help government and business clients innovate like start-ups
    • Systems Engineer specializing in software architecture and API design
    • Subject Matter Expert on development best practices such as API First Strategy, Agile Scrum Methodologies, Test Driven Development, and Domain Driven Design
    • Provide technical expertise directing the design, integration, testing and deployment of new technologies and information systems
    • Develop backend applications in Express and Elasticsearch complete with API documentation using Swagger (Open API) and full code coverage through Jasmine and Istanbul
    • Lead backend developer on a single page application using a Ruby on Rails API and an AngularJS frontend.
    • Maintained a backend code coverage of 99% using RSpec.

Charity Champs | Co-founder & Developer | Arlington, Virginia | 2013 - 2017

  • An innovative approach to charity raising through competitive events and gamification
    • Created, designed, and developed the application’s functional and technical workflow
    • Developed the backend architecture using the Laravel framework and MySQL
    • Designed the RESTful API interface for backend JSON services using Swagger
    • Integrated third party services such as Stripe, Network For Good, and Charity Navigator
    • Provided functional code coverage using PHPUnit, Mockery, and Faker libraries

ViiMed | Senior Software Developer | Washington, District of Columbia | 2013 - 2015

  • A digital healthcare software company that empowers providers to meaningfully engage their patients
    • Lead Systems Engineer in charge of systems integration. Led a team of developers in the architectural integration of external healthcare information systems via REST and SOAP services. Managed project development using Agile methodologies and daily scrum meetings
    • Led the architectural redesign of legacy code from a single framework into a distributed service oriented architecture (SOA) connected via RESTful services
    • Refactored legacy code base into a more modern object oriented architecture (SOLID) while concurrently creating Unit and Integration test coverage
    • Designed a new internal development process where new features were integrated using semantic versioning via package dependency managers
    • Integrated new features using various third-party APIs such as SMS and Text-to-Speech reminders through Twilio integration, geo-fencing check-ins with Google Maps, and an ROI calculator using AngularJS, Google Charts and D3.js


Quick links to highlighted code samples.



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