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A modular IRC bot written in Perl
Perl Raku
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Shadow Perl IRC Bot

Written by Aaron Blakely

What is shadow?

shadow is a modular IRC bot written in Perl, it's goal is to be a stable IRC bot with cool featues.

How do I install shadow?

Just run, we'll do the rest! (Might need C libs or sudo depending on your system)

Where can I get support for shadow?

  • Try #ephasic
  • /msg bot help


To install on debian/ubuntu systems you will need to following pakages: sudo apt-get install libjson-perl libxml-libxml-perl build-essential


I've only tested on OS X 10.4 Tiger on my iMac G4. To require the dependencies for the RSS module you will need to install brew and run: brew install libxml2

Standard Modules

  • - RSS Feed Reader.
  • - Automatically authenticate with network services.
  • - Basic channel management commands.
  • - Basic module which gives *nix uptime info
  • - Automatically join channels on connect.
  • - Automatically fetches the title of a URL.
  • - [Linux] Returns information about the bot, like memory usage.
  • - Wrapper for the fortune command.
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