A framework for receiving and redistributing abuse feeds
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AbuseHelper Circle CI

AbuseHelper is an open-source framework for receiving and redistributing abuse feeds and threat intel.

Running tests & linter

We run automated tests (for Python 2.6, 2.7 and PyPy) and flake8 linter for each repository push. View the logs at https://circleci.com/gh/abusesa/abusehelper.

To run the tests locally you need to have tox installed (for example via pip install tox). Then, while in the project directory, run:

$ tox



Security Announcements

Community extensions

This project provides the core AbuseHelper functionality, including choice bots and tools.

The AbuseHelper Community repository builds upon the core, for example by offering a fine selection of community-maintained bots.


Files are (c) respective copyright holders if named in the specific file, everything else is current (c) by Synopsys, Inc. Everything is licensed under MIT license, see LICENSE.