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Actix Examples

Curated examples using the Actix ecosystem.

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Community Showcase

  • mCaptcha: Proof of work based, privacy focused, libre CAPTCHA system. Crates used: actix-web, sqlx, redis, and lettre.
  • Zero2prod : Source code of zero to production series Paid book but some of the chapters is available online for free. The book compares and explains the chosen technologies, like actix-web and sqlx.
  • Triox : A free file hosting server that focuses on speed, reliability and security.
  • binserve : A fast, secure, and easy to set up static web server written on top of Actix Web with routing, templating, and various other features.
  • Roseline : A personal web site and discord & IRC bot to access simple SQLite database. Demonstrates usage of various Actix and Actix Web concepts.
  • lemmy : A federated alternative to reddit in Rust.
  • MeiliSearch : Fast, Relevant and Typo-Tolerant Search Engine. Open source alternative to Algolia.
  • Dalted : Simple webapp that showcases the integration of image-rs with Actix Web for color blindness simulations.

Community Articles, Example Apps, Starters & Boilerplate Projects


Pull requests welcome for small, focussed example projects demonstrating patterns or techniques.

Submissions also accepted to have your app or repo considered for the showcase lists.